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The Art of the Snit: A2 Observer Editor Objects to Email Interviews. Electronically.

AnnArborChronicle.com editor David Askins and local free-lance writer and FOAM (Friend of Askins and Morgan, his spouse) Judy McGovern had a tantrum. John Hilton, editor of the Ann Arbor Observer, is a much more measured and kindly publisher. Thus, Hilton is only in a snit (not even close to a high dudgeon). Hilton didn’t publish […]

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It Takes A Lit Drop, Celebrities and Kissing Some Serious Voter Bee-hind to Win/Defeat A Millage

I don’t think I would be betraying any great secret by telling you that if you were to buy the list of the 6,800 or so 100 percent (aka regular) voters in Ann Arbor, you’d find A2Politico’s name on that list. It’s like the political Mensa Club, the top 6 percent of the voting stock […]

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County Commissioners Tighten Everyone’s Belts But Their Own

This entry is about several of the intrepid travelers and foodies who serve on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. You remember the Washtenaw Board of Commissioners, right? They’re the elected officials who administer a $200,000,000 county budget which is, at the moment, $30 million dollars in red.  In short, fellow politicos, Washtenaw County’s budget […]

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The Politics of Education: Kathy Griswold On Why the Proposed WISD Millage Should Be Defeated

Nota bene: For those following A2Politico on Twitter, I frequently post tweets about what’s upcoming on the blog. If you want to get “previews” of what I’m up to here on A2Politico, follow the A2P on Twitter. If you’re like me, the kind of person who likes surprises, most every day will bring a new […]

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Having a Tantrum, I Mean Political Reporting at A2Chronicle.com

Dave Askins and Mary Morgan gave Ann Arbor a needed resource when they launched AnnArborChronicle.com. Morgan cleverly took a buy-out from the Ann Arbor News and off the spouses went into the great wide world of online journalism. They chronicled local meetings, for instance, and filled a void that the Ann Arbor News, even when […]

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Raindrops on Resolutions and Whiskers On Kittenish Politicos: These Are A Few of My Favorite A2Politico Posts

Weekend Fun. I write ’em. You read ’em. Have you read all of my favorite A2Politico Posts? It was tough whittling down the list. I included posts with comments that I really enjoyed, as well. Sometimes the comments are better than the posts! That’s the way it should be. Have you had a chance to throw […]

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Weekend Poll Recap: Get To the Voting Booth!

There are currently four Weekend Polls that are open for voting. Why not have a look and cast your votes? The WISD poll is the hottest, with almost 600 votes, thus far. It’s followed by the Fuller Park Poll, with over 400 votes.  1.  Weekend Poll: Should Mayor John Give Dame Mary Sue Parkland at […]

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Weekend Poll: Can Council Craft An Ethics Policy for Themselves?

Need some back story before you cast your vote?  A2Politico suggests this fine grilled entrée: “Why Is Christo T. So Hot To Create A City Ethics Policy?”   Maybe you’re not the least bit interested in ethics. After all, ethics can be sticky, messy, and terribly inconvenient, like a small child covered in maple syrup […]

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Ego Cogito Ergo Comment

Weekend Fun: People read blogs for the content. Sure they do. Just like people read dirty magazines for the articles. People read blogs for the comments. The comments make the blog, like the clothes make the man. I thought it would be fun to share some of the over 400 comments that have been made thus […]

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The Politics of Education: The Scarlet T & the WISD Millage

Here’s a fact: public school teachers in Michigan earn the 4th highest average salaries ($55,000 per year) in the nation. A percentage of Michigan’s teachers earn higher salaries; a percentage of teachers earn lower salaries. I was shocked when I discovered the most incompetent teacher one of the tots had was on the list of […]

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