Weekend Poll: Do You Support the WISD Millage?

On Tuesday August 4th, a day that may live in infamy, depending on your political perspective, the The Washtenaw Intermediate School District’s school board formally voted place a 2-mill enhancement millage on the November 2009 ballot. Each of the county’s 10 traditional school districts’ school boards passed resolutions asking the WISD board to support the millage. If approved by voters, the 2-mill tax would raise about $30 million each year for the next five years for the school districts, but Ann Arbor would receive the lion’s share of the money, more than $11 million dollars per year. After five years, the tax would expire unless the WISD came back to voters and requested a renewal.

So, politicos, how generous are you feeling these days? Flush with dough? Ready to spend it on WISD? Are you a supporter of the proposed millage?

Ironically, I was one of the registered voters who got a call from the WISD’s surveying company a couple of months ago. The thrust of the call was for the WISD marketing mavens to figure out how the WISD could best “market” the millage to voters to get their approval. 

Alas, “Hell No!” was not a response to any of the questions I was asked. It is in this poll.

You know where I stand. So, where do you stand on the tax increase to support the WISD?

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12 Comments for “Weekend Poll: Do You Support the WISD Millage?”

  1. My parents are conservative republicans, so they of course will always vote against any raise in taxes.

    I traditionally vote the opposite of my parents but…

    Giving this one a ‘yes’ doesn’t feel quite right, so I’m gonna sit this one out, I think.

    Ooh, I just raised the ‘Can’t Decide’ in the poll from 4% to 5%. I smell a revolution! Us Undecideds are going to take over the world! (As soon as we make up our minds, that is…)

  2. “Welcome to A2Politico. I agree that less administration is a part of the answer to what ails the AAPS. The first part has to do with getting a handle on what those folks are doing, exactly, with our money. Fiscal transparency.”

    Absolutely, just like no-bid multi-BILLION dollar contracts to private companies to WIN the war in Iraq. Hey A2Politico.FoxNews.com, how about some transparency from you. Who funds you? And why isn’t there a Hell Yes option on your poll? Oh, yeah, you are a FAIR and BALANCED website. Sorry, I forgot.
    Good luck with your hate, fear-mongering, and union busting.
    Luckily only 230 people have voted…and it’s still a dead heat. Have fun at the next Tea Party.

    • Mr. Incredible,

      I’m always glad to get a little vitriol in the comment section.

      A little transparency: A2Politico is funded by A2Politico.

      As for union-busting? That was Harry Bennett’s job for Old Man Ford. I come from a long line of assembly line workers, and grew up in the shadow of the Rouge Plant. Questioning union activity isn’t union-busting or anti-union; it’s asking questions about how unions conduct their business and spend their billions. I ask the same questions about the federal government; are people who ask such questions trying to overthrow the Secretary of the Treasury?

      You’re for the millage. Hell YES you are. Glad to hear it. Really, I am. That’s what political discourse is all about. We’ll see on Tuesday how many voters agreed with you, and how many didn’t. In the meantime, take a breath and read some LM-2 statements filed by the MEA with the Department of Labor. The NEA fought a court battle to keep from having to disclose the union’s finances to the public and the group’s 3 million members. Going through those statements is an education.

  3. The voters willingness to support their local school districts is an admirable thing. However, it is critical the money spent correlate with successful outcomes that support the community. It is easy to spend money; hard to know what the real priorities are, hard to cut out an an interest group on the receiving end of the cash flow. We are in the midst of an economic meltdown not seen since the the 1930’s and the school system is trying to maintain funding levels as if the economy were humming along nicely. The high cost structure the schools have inherited were predicated on UAW jobs that have vaporized since the enactment of Proposal A. There is substantial waste that has crept into the system that has been allowed to matasticise and is now demanding to be fed. What people need to grasp is that this fiscal crisis we face is also one of the few times voters get to demand accountability and have an opportunity to cut out waste. If we miss this opportunity, we will hamstring future students with a bloated, inefficient alignment of resources. Voting for a tax increase will not assure the money helps the kids or the community in the long run. It is foolish to vote for this millage based on the value proposition that is being proposed by our 10 local districts and the WISD. It is laughable and a sign of how out of touch and arrogant the school system is that they are proposing to maintain what they have at a time when too many in the community are losing what they have. The least we can do is demand that the school system improve on the value proposition. Make them set intelligent priorities by cutting out things that are not needed (things that can’t be cut in normal times). THE WISD WILL BE BACK IF THIS MILLAGE LOSES! You can count on it; but when they do come back, they will have to improve on the value proposition. Don’t get played for a fool, vote this turkey down; it’s the least we can do for our kids and our community.

  4. Pablo,

    Welcome to A2Politico. I agree that less administration is a part of the answer to what ails the AAPS. The first part has to do with getting a handle on what those folks are doing, exactly, with our money. Fiscal transparency.

  5. Fellow citizens: wake up!
    More taxes are not the answer.
    Less administration and better teachers are part of the solution.
    We need to down-size and right-size the faculty and staff at our A2 public schools.
    Elitism and entitlement have entrenched themselves at the AAPS.
    Next is get rid of some of these sports and extracurricular pursuits (26 different high school sports, c’mon!) and get the students focused on what will help them excel in the real world (the basics). Robur virtute!

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  7. Wow – I’m impressed with the overwhelming “yes” vote.

    How many people have participated in this poll so far?

  8. No, I don’t support this. It’s a shift of funds from the Ann Arbor District to the other school districts in the county, no matter how this fact doesn’t seem to be on the radar. The funds are distributed by student, not by what is raised by district. Once I get to vote for Manchester or Willow Run School Board seats, I might rethink.

  9. Thanks for putting up this poll. I like the weekend polls you’ve posted thus far. “Sophie’s Choice” was fantastic! You’re doing a good job of choosing questions that touch on local political issues in ways that vary from, say, the polls that go up at AnnArbor.com. I must confess that this was a difficult question for me. However, I managed to decide. I’ll keep my vote to myself if no one minds.

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