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The Politics of Semantics: Chris Taylor “Looks Forward” to Not Being a Ball Hog

Since October 20th, A2Politico has been writing about Third Ward Council member Christopher Taylor’s attempt at a miraculous political transformation from one of the Hieftje Eight—a Council member caught via FOIA by the Ann Arbor News ostensibly calling his constituents “dim lights,” playing right along with awarding Golden Pandys for pandering to unsuspecting constituents during commentary, […]

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Weekend Poll: Next on Channel 16—”Surprise” Homelessness in A2 and Washtenaw County

“Emergency funding” of social service programs always reminds me of those television shows one can always find late at night on the better cable channels about “surprise” pregnancies. You know the premise. The woman goes for nine months suspecting nothing then, suddenly, usually in some crazy locale, say, an amusement park, she gives birth to…..a baby! […]

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Quit Yer Bellyachin’ and Get Involved…

Ok. Maybe you tried to get involved and realized, pretty quickly, that if you didn’t know the right people, an appointment to a Board or Commission in Ann Arbor wasn’t going to be forthcoming anytime soon. Heck, you might have even filled out one of those nifty applications Hizzoner told the AnnArborChronicle.com reporter Dave Askins […]

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Shameless Self-Promotion Until Noon Friday November 27th

I’m the kinda person who sets goals and works relentlessly toward them. It makes the time in the office here pass more quickly. I’m also a big believer in teamwork, and the power of a critical mass of people who care about the same thing—in this case, local politics. That’s where you come in! The […]

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Sinatra, I Mean Taylor, Does The Ethics Policy His Way

On October 20, 2009, I wrote about Third Ward Council member Christopher Taylor’s ants-in-his-pants rush to start crafting an ethics policy prior to the return to City Council of third Ward’s Stephen Kunselman (Kunselman, you may remember (or not) ran on a platform of returning integrity, honesty and ethics to City Council.): “Why is Christo T. […]

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U of M Deans “Endorse” Conference Center Proposal, and Demonstrate Why Prostitution Is Not Confined to Street Corners

The City officials finally released the proposals submitted to build atop the as-yet unbuilt underground library lot parking garage. The movie title? “Conference Center of Dreams.” Mayor Hieftje will be played by Kevin Spacey (not Costner). The “Keep the plan secret from the public, then ‘out of the blue’ issue an RFP, all the while […]

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After Trustee Friedman Buys “Second” Home in B-ham, AA BOE Meeting Attendance Rate Plummets to 17.8 Percent

Going to work 72 percent of the time is enough is get most employees reprimanded and, if there were no improvement, fired. Showing up at work 17.8 percent of the time is enough to get an employee canned even faster. Ann Arbor Board of Education member Randy Friedman was recently quoted in a piece posted […]

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When Welfare Daddies Greatly Exaggerate To Keep Their Benefits

On November 20, 2009, Ann Arbor SPARK Managing Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Elizabeth Perkins, posted this piece of propaganda to the AnnArborChronicle.com site. It is typical SPARK scat (and not of the Jazz singing variety). Perkins writes, In a nutshell, our [SPARK’s] 2006-2008 ROI: •101 project successes – $925 million new investment commitments •7,054 new […]

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Weekend Fun: A Quiz. The Week In Review

So, you’ve been frittering away your time at the A2Politico blog along with the other A2 politicos who stop by, sometimes 2-3 times per day, sometimes more often. But how closely do you read the blog? This week’s quiz is about the content that was posted over the course of the past week. If you […]

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WHISPER: Library Lot Proposals Leaked to A2P

In early-January 2009, at the Ann Arbor City Council retreat, City Administrator Roger Fraser presented Council members with plans for “a little conference center.” The plans were withheld from the public attending the Council’s retreat, and shortly thereafter when a citizen tried to FOIA the “little convention center” plans presented during the retreat, the FOIA […]

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