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The Politics of Grillin’ the Media: “Marketplace” Turns Its Focus To AnnArbor.com and the Acorn Ain’t Talkin’

It has been almost six months since AnnArbor.com launched, and reaction to the product, if you will, has been mixed if a recent audio piece on the public radio show “Marketplace,” is to be believed. Young and old in Ann Arbor are quoted as having issues with the newspaper and site significant enough to give any […]

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The Politics of Poverty: A2.com Series Reveals The Hidden Poor in A2

The joke is brutal and funny. “How do you define a recession? When my neighbor loses his job. How do you define an economic depression? When I lose my job.” I want to congratulate AnnArbor.com writers Tina Reed and David Jesse for their series titled “Ann Arbor’s Hidden Poor.” The series seeks to shed a […]

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The Politics of Parking Porn: Debbie Does Dallas and Sandi Smith Does Parking Data

At least City Administrator Roger Fraser and the City Treasurer Matt Horning came to Council with a “study” to back up their “request” to hike parking fine fees and squeeze even more money out of Ann Arbor residents who live in a city with 14 percent unemployment, double digit foreclosure rates, and some of the […]

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The Politics of the One-Two Bitch Slap: Obama’s Economic Advisor Dr. Lawrence Summers Raps Ned Staebler’s Knuckles and Calls MEDC “Crony Capitalism”…Then Rick Snyder Piles On

As I mentioned in a Tweet, I’ve been behind in my reading. I read more periodicals than should be legal, but there you have it. Among those periodicals is The New Yorker. I was reading an October 21st article about President Obama’s economic advisor Dr. Lawrence Summers, when the piece suddenly veered toward Michigan and […]

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Beehives, Tight Skirts and Salary Gaps Galore: The 50s Alive & Well in A2

On December 15th, I wrote “AATA Treasurer Ted Annis Pushes Increased Fiscal Transparency.” In that piece, I outlined the changes Annis wants to see the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) make in order to provide the public with a more robust variety of data about the taxpayer-funded entity’s finances. One of those changes was to […]

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WHISPER: AATA Treasurer and A2CRSS.org Organizer Planning to FOIA AA Board of Education For Release of Financial Data

Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) Treasurer Ted Annis is on a roll….or a rampage, depending on which side of the table you sit from him. As I wrote earlier today, at this evening’s AATA Board meeting Annis plans to propose several sweeping changes to the ways in which AATA makes financial information available to the […]

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The Politics of Education: For The Open BOE Seat, Only Yes Men (and Women) Need Apply

In a recent post to AnnArbor.com, writer David Jesse discusses who the next member of the Ann Arbor Board of Education might be. In his piece, Jesse writes, “Responding to a question…asked, board members detailed their general thoughts about what made a successful board member, and by extension, what they’re looking for in a person […]

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The Politics of Exploitation: A New Low in Online Journalism or Genius?

Either Tony Dearing, the content King at AnnArbor.com, is a genius, a copycat, or the Tom Sawyer of the brave new world that is online journalism. I just checked my Twitter feeds and saw this one: “New contributor to write about being homeless in Washtenaw County.” My first reaction? Nausea. My subsequent reaction: Nausea tempered […]

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AATA Treasurer Ted Annis Pushes Increased Fiscal Transparency

On October 14th, I posted an entry titled “Sandi Smith’s FOIA Fetish.” In that piece, I wrote about First Ward Council member Sandi Smith’s ridiculous rant at the September 21, 2009 City Council meeting that the people of Ann Arbor should be contented to rely on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get any […]

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The Politics of Education: Is Every Teacher In Ann Arbor Worth $120,700 Per Year?

Let me preface this entry by acknowledging that K-12 teachers have one of the most challenging jobs in education. That being said, K-12 teachers also inhabit the Walled Keep of negotiated privilege, tenure, perks and, in Michigan, an average rate of compensation that is above the national average. Then again, I am fond of saying that […]

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