Ego Cogito Ergo Comment II

Weekend Fun: People read blogs for the content. Sure they do. Just like people read dirty magazines for the articles.

People read blogs for the comments. The comments make the blog, like the clothes make the man.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the over 800 comments that have been made since the last time I did this, on October 24th, that have made me particularly glad that I took up this blogging on local politics. Thanks, Danke, Grazie, Merci, Toda Raba, Dzieki, Obrigado, and Shukran, of course, to everyone who has commented (Keep ’em coming! Someone this weekend may leave the 1,200th comment). About 27 percent of the people who visit every day are newbies. Welcome!

There are loads of fanatics who read A2Politico already, visitors who stop by several times daily. If you want to read the entry referred to below, simply click on the link. If you want to leave your own comment, well, you know how to comment, don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow. (tip o’ the keyboard to Lauren Becall)

So, without further ado, I’ll yield the floor to those who’ve shared some snappy, biting, funny, and very insightful thoughts on the following A2Politico blog entries:


The Politics of Semantics: Chris Taylor “Looks Forward” to Not Being a Ball Hog:

Oh boy..Once again A2Politico shows that no tabloid is better than their tabloid…lest we forget that Taylor beat that great public servant Steve Kunselman by more than 20% the year before. Now voters in their absolute disgust bring back chicken man with 6 votes and about 4% turnout to teach that treacherous conspirator Leigh Greden a lesson. How dare you councilpeople joke around during those 5 and 7 hour council meetings. How can you pay attention to the constant nimby ravings and baseless corruption charges if you are multi-tasking.

Just because the US Congress and State House and Senate “script” votes, the real corruption and lack of transparency on the big issues like parking garages is what requires all the public venom. I’m glad that such fringe entertainment masquerading as “citizen watchdog” will attract well-qualified candidates to run for council in the future. I’d hate to see people with Phd’s from MIT or smart attorneys from Butzel Long working on local issues when we can have conspiracy theorists, who are led around on a leash by Karen Sydney and friends, give us the representation we really deserve…like Mike Anglin..who couldn’t pass gas on city council not to mention anything that resembles public policy regarding anything remotely important or valuable such as budget, environment, development or public assistance.

No sir, he has taken on the really tough role of showing up at council and voting “no” on everything at the bequest of his handlers. He’ll show up at public and neighborhood meetings and tell everyone in the same old populist speech that “we should talk about this” but in the end, he does nothing.

And good ol Kunselman..probably back yelling at staff members and employees and telling them how worthless they are while forwarding some useless personal matter such as chickens because he wants fresh eggs from his backyard. Yes, these are the types of people we want handling complex policy and financial matters. The evolving blog medium is so fun, you can write whatever you want without any editorial control or policy and lie and mislead people while labeling yourself a citizen watchdog.—Comment by Crazylikeu


What’s that old saying, I’d rather pick a handful of names out of the Ann Arbor phone book and have them govern the city than let a band of professional political hacks who think they are gods try to ‘do good’?

Weasel words, tossing money around like a drunken liberal, and out-and-out dishonesty. Vote for Taylor!

I think ALL council members AND appointees to city boards should file financial disclosure statements for themselvs and partners/spouses. Is that on Taylor’s ‘list’?—Comment by Alan Goldsmith


Having an ethics advisory committee with representatives from the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and an independent or two would save us the fate of having a committee packed with Gunnites and Gredenistas. The idea of political diversity on a committee vested with the duty of policing political conduct seems inherently (small “d”) democratic. Moreover, it would be an accomplishment that a Council member could brag about in his or her annual self evaluation email.—Comment by Jack Eaton


Alma Wheeler Smith: Great Ideas. Horrible Execution. What Up, GF?: 

This is the most insane, convoluted, inane discussion of politics by a liberal I have ever laid my eyes. I expect this kind of unfounded, non-sourced rhetoric coming out of the likes of Glenn Beck.—Comment by Maverick


I went away for the holiday, and look what trouble you got yourself into while I was away! You wrote about ALMA WHEELER SMITH?!?!? Are you out of your mind? She is the closest thing local Dems have to a sacred idol. I’m not saying a word against the woman’s politics, or the woman herself. I just have to admire your youthful (I presume) bravery to write about Wheeler Smith’s campaign with the same critical eye you’ve been using to write about my candidate, Rick Snyder.—Comment by A2GOP


 U of M Deans “Endorse” Conference Center Proposal, and Demonstrate Why Prostitution Is Not Confined to Street Corners: 

A2Politico = the new Jack Anderson. (for those who remember)

You know darn well that Hieftje, Fraser, Miller et al, will spin A2Politico’s comments as little more than local activist conspiracy fanaticism. They won’t reference A2Politico directly, but let’s all watch the spin out of City Hall on this one.

This whole thing stinks, more than the rot of local politics, but of real behind the scenes finagling between elected officials and big out of town developers. Developers who want the public to put up the dough and back the debt for their chance to make a couple more millions

Indeed this is the real tale of the last 10 years of pro development thrust that began with the firing of Karen Hart, stacking the Planning Commission with Hieftje appointees, and the reorganization of the Planning and Building departments. This was all a conscious effort to “streamline” the development process and reduce input from the public.—Comment by much love



Top of the morning to you!

I can’t say how much I enjoy your blog, I found it about a month ago, and this is my first comment. I generally only have the opportunity to read early with a cup of coffee. You never fail to put a smile on my face and a thought in my head. Keep up the good work.
Although Jack Anderson was cited above, I prefer to think of you as either Mark Twain of Richard Saunders. I have shared your blog with a number of good folks.

Be good!

Poges—Comment by PogesMahone


Speaking of prostitution, page 8 of Valiant’s proposal says that transient business customers would be 65% male , and groups would be 60% male.

This male imbalance will create a demand for other kinds of stimulus, and create jobs for the more aggressive members of Ann Arbor’s hospitality industry.

Has Valiant factored into its job creation analysis the need for a bunch of whores?—Comment by David Cahill

 When Welfare Daddies Greatly Exaggerate To Keep Their Benefits: 

Wow. Thank you for this. It’s about time someone dug into SPARK. For years people have whispered about what a pool of cronyism it is. Mike Reid was the only one with the guts to stand up and tell about the mess that it is. Good for him. Please, A2, keep at this. If SPARK folded tomorrow, no one would know or care, except for the people getting the taxpayer handouts.—Comment by digs


Great reporting, A2P. Now, who is going to run against the local establishment office holders? That is the only language they understand. Waiting for someone else – BOE, MEA, etc. to do the work of political organizing & opposition is not likely to result in genuine challenges to the establishment.—Comment by John Floyd


A2Politico for Mayor! But would you still keep us entertained with your blog? Since we are all Spartacus, can we all be mayor?—Comment by awesome 9321


 The Politics of Money: “We Got Plenty o’ Transparency, So Zip It,” Says School Board Treasurer:

Okay Folks, I’m not 100% sure on this, but I believe that Randy Friedman, Ann Arbor Public School Trustee, sends his kids to Detroit Country Day… by limo. Can anyone substantiate?

Friedmans are big philanthropists, good for them, and, of course, we all make decisions for our kids that are personal and individual.

But I can’t help but feel creepy about someone who would be on the school board but the public schools are not good enough for his kids….—Comment by Pearl C 


The Politics of Bilingualism: “There’s an Out & Out Republican in @A2Politico:

A2Politico is one of the best blogs I read, and I read it every day. I would say that I am one of those flaming progressives, and have to confess to a few of the traits of progressive bigotry (damn you, A2P). I read this blog for the simple reason that I am often shocked by what is written here (both the topics, as well as the slant). This blog isn’t rice cereal for the progressive crowd. Sometimes I feel on ArborUpdate that all the good liberals are patting each other on the back for being liberal, smart, informed and involved in what stands in for political discourse in Ann Arbor. AnnArbor.com is turning into a spot where trolls hang out and post their BS under screen names. The quality of the discussions can be frustrating.

As Republican John Floyd says often when he posts at this blog is that Ann Arbor is a one party town and that is a huge problem. I couldn’t agree more, and I see this blog turning into a place where there is room for progressives, conservatives and folks in between. I appreciate that. It’s about time we stopped pretending that the label of Dem makes the politician a Dem and talked about it openly.—Comment by A2Dem


@Alan Goldsmith, dare I submit “neoprogs?” I enjoyed the whole bigot arena, really takes the bite out of that label.—Comment by Joe Hood


An à propos quote from the December Harpers. Editor Luke Mitchell writes “…The real battle in Washington is seldom between conservatives and liberals or the right and the left or ‘red America’ and ‘blue America’. It is nearly always a more local contest, over which politicians will enjoy the privilege of representing the interests of the rich.”—Comment by Lou Glorie


The Politics of Art: A New Era In A2 Politics May Rise From the Ashes of the Percent For Art Program: 

I have an idea. How about we use the money to sponsor some people using their cell phones to taking pictures of homeless people being sheltered and fed and such. Of course, part of this ‘performance art’ would be actually paying for the shelter and food so they could be photoed, wouldn’t it? Plus we’d have a record like the WPA stuff. Win-win.—Comment by JorgXMcKie


Chris Taylor writes, “An opponent of this position would no doubt agree that these are desperate times, but would dispute that we should raid the Art Fund to augment our human services spend. Should we sell parkland to pay for another homeless shelter? Should we cut the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year we spend to mow park grass to feed the hungry? Should we eliminate leaf pickup in favor of foreclosure prevention?”

I would hope a true opponent of the overpriced art project by an out of town artist would come up with better arguments than these straw man fallacies.

A new day A2 politico? Sounds like the same old song and dance to me.—Comment by Letitia


The Politics of Commentary: Republican Blogger Throws Down With Washtenaw County Board: 

Alma Wheeler Smith’s son seriously said that citizens should be treated like “staff?” Al Wheeler’s grandson said this? I voted for Al Wheeler. Alma is one of the state’s strongest proponents of fair-minded politics. Is this kid adopted?—Comment by Dave Russell


….In my office, we strive to treat everyone who comes to us with courtesy and respect, no matter how rude or annoying or unreasonable they may be. I realize this is a hard standard to uphold in these impatient times, but it is one I tried to live by when I was on the county board.—Comment by Larry Kestenbaum


First let me say how much I do appreciate your blog. Informative and humorous.

Second, I have know Commissioner Smith over 20 years and must say that he has not changed over that period of time – your comments and those of others that have experienced his comments and treatments continue to reflect that.

Finally, Mr. County Clerk – why is it that I see all your blog posts – be it annarbor.com or this site, etc happening during the day. Do you allow your staff to post comments on blogs, shop online during “county time”. Perhaps the elective office of County Clerk could be merged with another county job if we have that much time on our hands.—Comment by James


First Alma now CONAN SMITH?!? A2Politico, I fear for your safety. More than that though I fear for the democratic process as interpreted by Conan Smith.

@10 Are you saying there were council members having a little fling on a desktop and one of them had to stop to send an email about it to the other council members? Can somebody around here please strive to remember that politics is serious business, please? Posting comments that cause hysterical laughter are simply not to be tolerated.

This blog just keeps getting better and better! Like James said, I appreciate the blog immensely.—Comment by A2GOP


What’s the value of critiquing/criticizing news outlets here?—Comment by SBean


“Star struck”? By local politicos? *guffaw*—Comment by Larry Kestenbaum

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  1. I’m in pretty good company here.

    I’d post more if it weren’t for those damned tequila hangovers.

  2. I think, therefore I read A2P with the delicious knowledge that our city council and mayor may now be able to find accountability in the dictionary!



  3. First-time post from me made the list. 🙂 I found out about this site from a friend at City Hall. Thanks for providing the community resource. It’s obviously needed.

  4. Hey! I made the list this time too. Why thanks, A2P. It’s been fun having a place to debate the local politics issues with others. I’m impressed with the scoops you’ve been getting and the growth in participation. A2Politico is a daily stop for me now—more than once if I’m going to be honest. I made a donation. This is a great resource and more people should know about it.

  5. I made the list this time! Thanks. What a nice way to recognize those who visit the site and leave comments. Well done.

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