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The Politics of Management: Paying More For Less

Most people who live in Ann Arbor don’t have the time or the inclination to get overly involved in the minutia of city government. People are busy spending their days getting done what they need to get done to get the bills paid. Politics isn’t a passion for many, and the thought of running for […]

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The Politics of Transportation: Getting Serious About Non-Motorized Transportation (With a Poll)

I know. I know. We live 45 minutes (in light traffic) from the Motor City. Cartown. Cars as status symbols. Cars as sex symbols. Cars are King, and non-motorized transportation is perceived by some as the Court Jester. It’s perceived as the mooching in-laws by others. Money for bike lanes? Money to plow walking paths […]

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The Politics of Money: Capriccio Economico

*Capriccio February 18th was Ann Arbor Public Schools’ Orchestra Night. All of the middle and high school orchestras came together for a music student-a-palooza that began at 7 p.m. and finished with the last note from the Pioneer High School orchestra at 9:30. My middle schooler’s orchestra played the first notes of the evening. The […]

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The Politics of Parks: Spin, Subsidies and Mulligans

One of the jobs I had as I worked my way through college was at a very exclusive country club that shall remain anonymous. I worked in the kitchen, and the tots love to hear me tell stories about the members, kitchen staff, and preparing and serving meals to some of the richest people in […]

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The Politics of Governing: Should City Council Draft Resolutions That Address International Political Issues?

I was walking Flash (the family’s new Jack Russell pooch) in the woods this afternoon, and ran into a neighbor who’s quite an active local politico. During the course of our conversation about my run for office, she wanted to know where I stand on City Council drafting resolutions at the prompting of citizen groups […]

February 16th, 2010 | Posted in City Council,Politics,Weekend Polls | Read More »

The Politics of Grandstanding: The Three Percent Solution Resolution

Between 2004 and 2009, Fourth Ward Council member Marcia Higgins, Mayor Hieftje,  Fourth Ward Council member Margie Teall, and Second Ward’s Stephen Rapundalo voted, as Chair and members, respectively, of the City Council’s Budget and Labor Committee to give City Administrator Roger Fraser the following salary increases, lump sum payments and cash-outs: In December 2004, Fraser received a 3 […]

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The Politics of Assumptions: Maybe Money Does Grow On Trees

I was never a fan of the new Police/Court facility. I thought it unwise to spend $47 million dollars in the midst of an economic meltdown rather than to renovate the old facility, and find new leased facilities for the 15th District Court (who, it was claimed, had to move from their space leased from […]

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The Politics of Temper: Making Ann Arbor Stronger and More Resilient

I turned 49 this year. I am the Publisher and CEO of a national higher education publishing group headquartered here in Ann Arbor. No other academic publisher in the country publishes the kinds of books or serves the audience we do. Half of the country’s 5,000 colleges and universities are our customers. About four years […]

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The Politics of Blame: The Root of Our City’s Financial Woes? Why George W. Bush, Naturally.

Let’s just make something perfectly clear. George W. Bush is not the current City Administrator in Ann Arbor. Neither is Ronald Reagan. Now that we got that fact established, we can move right along. This will come up later, so don’t doze. It’s a pretty straightforward relationship between the taxpayer and her/his city government. You […]

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The Politics of Priorities: Firefighters, Police or Capital Improvements?

On Sunday February 7, 2010, citizens read in AnnArbor.com that our City’s General Fund is projected to come up $5.2 million dollars short due to falling property tax revenue. The bulk of the cuts proposed to close the fiscal gap will impact public safety. City officials informed taxpayers that, “On the chopping block are 20 positions […]

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