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The Politics of the Almighty Dollar: Would You Borrow From A2 To Pay For Home Energy Improvements?

Matt Grocoff reminds of my friend in Berkeley, Pam McCann. Both are totally committed environmentalists. You may have a few friends like Matt and Pam, as well. Heck, you may even already know Matt and Pam. Both do widely subscribed to web-based media programs aimed at audiences who want to know more about how to […]

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The Politics of The Party Line: Out With The Old. In With The True.

Be prepared to hear this mantra from certain candidates over the next four months: “We [the city of Ann Arbor] have lost millions of dollars in revenue due to state cuts, the university’s purchase of the Pfizer facility, and massive local property devaluations. As a result, the city must reduce services.”  As I wrote on […]

March 26th, 2010 | Posted in Ann Arbor Politics,City Council,City Services,Econ,Enviro,Money,Parks,Safety,Taxes | Read More »

The Politics of Singing and Dancing: Eli Cooper’s $14 Million Dollar Variety Show

By now, if you haven’t already read it, SEMCOG announced that there is no money for commuter train service between Ann Arbor and Detroit. The transportation cognoscenti around town have been saying this for the past 16 months. So why no cash for the commuter line? According to a March 19, 2010 piece in Crain’s […]

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The Politics of Transportation: Who Should getDowntown? (With A Poll)

I had a very pleasant meeting with Nancy Shore, who heads the getDowntown program. For those who may not have heard about the program, here’s a description from the gD web site: The mission of the getDowntown Program is to reduce the number of downtown commuters driving to work alone and to create more transportation […]

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The Politics of Outsourcing: Why Pay More to Recycle Ann Arbor? Good Question.

In response to my entry about the City Council move to switch Ann Arbor over to single stream recycling, I had a conversation with a former worker at the city’s material collections facility who pointed out something very important to me: the ideal recycling program contracts and, eventually, becomes unnecessary. Why? Because the ultimate goal […]

March 18th, 2010 | Posted in Ann Arbor Politics,City Council,Enviro,Politics,Recycling | Read More »

The Politics of Garbage: Single-Stream Recycling Stinks For More Reasons Than You Think

A2P Notes: Looking for the back story? I wrote about single stream recycling first on January 28, 2010. To read that entry titled “The Politics of Unscrambling Eggs: Hieftje, Hohnke and Teall Push $6.4  Million For Environmentally Regressive Single Stream Recycling,” click here.    It has often been disturbing to follow the money, connections and political […]

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The Politics of Playing to the Crowd: Ready For Straight Talk?

I had a great lunch yesterday with someone who has quite a bit of experience serving Ann Arbor as a member of several city boards and commissions. We had a rousing debate about the Downtown Development Authority, economic development, and leadership. What my lunch companion is looking for in a local politico is, well, someone […]

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The Politics Of Hide & Seek: Finding Money in Plain Sight

At the moment, because Ann Arbor City Council and Mayor have for so long rewarded the City Administrator with generous raises, lump sum payments and the ability to turn unused vacation days into big bucks, despite the fact that Ann Arbor’s budget has been sliding inexorably into structural deficit, we have a City government that is […]

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The Politics of Negotiating: You Never Get What You Deserve

The following was posted to AnnArbor.com on February 28, 2010: City officials say it’s been a challenge getting the needed concessions from labor unions, specifically with the police and firefighters unions, whose members enjoy premium-free health insurance. “We are still struggling with labor contracts that were heavily one-sided that were decided back in the ’70s […]

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The Politics of Percentages: Public Safety As Political Fodder

We got some good news from Police Chief Barnett Jones, according to a piece posted to AnnArbor.com on February 25th. Crime is down. Crime is down nationally, according to the latest FBI Uniform Crime Reports. According to the post on AnnArbor.com, “The Ann Arbor Police Department released unofficial year-end crime statistics for 2009 last week, showing a […]

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