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The Politics of Clairvoyance: Predicting the Future (I’m On A Roll)

On May 24th I wrote about the shape any negative campaign might take in this Mayor’s race of mine. I wrote: ….This is a dangerous position to take in a town where Green-compers have amassed the political power of the Vatican Curia, and it will mean that the chances are very good someone, somewhere, will […]

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The Politics of Economic Development: Let’s End Taxpayer Support of Crony Capitalism & Chart A Better Course

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is taking a beating in the Press. In case you don’t know, the MEDC is a state-funded entity that gives tax credits and tax dollars to venture capital firms, individuals and businesses through a variety of programs aimed at job creation. The results, alas, have been uneven. The MEDC did […]

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The Politics of Responsibility: Taking Credit For Everything and Responsibility For Nothing

Last Friday afternoon, I went to a Meet the Candidate event sponsored by the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce. There were Chamber members from Ann Arbor, the surrounding townships and cities, as well as national, state and local candidates for office. I had a chance to meet numerous owners of small and medium-sized businesses who […]

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The Politics of the DDA: Time to Clean House

Rene Greff and Jennifer Santi Hall are spilling the beans about the down and dirty inner-workings of the Downtown Development Authority to Ann Arborites, and anyone else who would care to know. At the most recent DDA meeting, at which Russ Collins, Leah Gunn, Roger Hewitt, Mayor John Hieftje, Joan Lowenstein, John Splitt, and City Council Member Sandi Smith supported siphoning […]

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The Politics of Poultry: Some Thoughts On Chickens Roosting

The developer of Ashley Terrace, Joseph Freed & Associates, just defaulted on $18 million dollars owed to its lender. The lender is doing what lenders are wont to do when borrowers get neck deep in missed payments—they’re foreclosing. Joseph Freed & Associates also operates 4 Eleven Lofts, student housing that opened for business in the […]

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The Politics of Rescue Heroes: What in the Billy Blazes Is Going On?

On April 30th, I predicted the future. I wish I had the same luck with lotto numbers. I think the state jackpot is somewhere around $266 million dollars, and like everyone else out there, $266 million minus taxes could come in pretty handy right about now as my kids close quickly in on the ages […]

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