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The Politics of Michigan: Old McDowell Had a Farm. M.O.N.E.Y.

I was asked recently to blog about Michigan’s national political scene for the Huffington Post. For those who don’t read it, HuffPo was founded by Arianna Huffington and is a liberal/progressive news website and aggregated blog. The site gets about 1,000,000 comments per month. I came home from vacation to an email invitation to cover […]

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The Politics of Culture: Ann Arbor Launches the National Pilot Fish Fry Festival

I like Constance Crump’s thoughtful writing. I particularly like writers who, with a simple question, can get me all tangled up in trying to figure out the answer. I first read Crump’s blog post a few days ago. Initially, I didn’t get hooked. Who cares if Austin has music, Sundance has film, Aspen has comedy […]

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The Politics of Punks: The “Keep Ann Arbor Clean Campaign”

I paddle my kayak regularly from Bandemer Park, the site of a Punk Week gathering that made big news in this town of ours. I wasn’t there the afternoon the Ann Arbor Police Department car responded and the officer found himself out-numbered. Of course, given the fact that there are only 5-7 officers patrolling the […]

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The Politics of Backdoor Privatization: Ann Arbor Residents To Pay $100,000 Each to Serve On All Volunteer Fire/Police Departments

This piece, below my comments, comes from Salon. I thought Alyssa Battistoni’s perspective was refreshing, and her look at backdoor privatization captures exactly what is going on in Ann Arbor. Here, in Lake Woebegone-on-the-Huron, where all the men have Ph.D.s, all the woman have Ph.D.s, but are doing “research” on their books at home while raising […]

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The Politics of Retaining Gen Y: Why? Why? Why?

“Michigan is becoming the nation’s ex,” writes former Concentrate Media Gen Y blogger Katie Rose in a kerchief waving, not-so-tearful farewell/kiss-off to Ann Arbor. Off to a better job in California, Rose pens a blog entry in which she struggles to deal with her own decision to relocate from Google in Ann Arbor to a […]

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The Politics of Prying: Borders Gets Tight-Lipped

Here’s a recent headline from AA.com: “How many people now work at Borders’ headquarters in Ann Arbor? Borders won’t say”  Sigh. When you pry, or at least try to pry into the business of other companies, it’s good to be slightly more industrious. The piece reveals little about Borders. I always chuckle, of course, when […]

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The Politics of Denmark: Something’s Rotten, or the USPS Just Really Likes Rebekah Warren

From Hamlet, Act I, scene 4. Horatio: He waxes desperate with imagination. Marcellus: Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him. Horatio: Have after. To what issue will this come? Marcellus: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. So, the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) postcards arrived like clockwork, close to the end […]

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The Politics of Irony: Dim Bulbs

At every voting place in Ann Arbor, there was a 100 foot line drawn and marked plainly with yellow signs. Inside that area, those working the polls for their candidates were not allowed to campaign. Rules, however, are often for the little people: I recently received the following email from a Ward Three voter: Dear […]

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