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The Politics of Panhandling: Compassion My A**.

Ann Arbor is filled with staff and politicos who will micromanage the details of some projects to death. I was told that City Administrator Roger Fraser wouldn’t allow Police Chief Barnett Jones to choose the color of the new police cruisers. I’ve seen City Council members agonize over the size of compost carts during their interminable […]

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The Politics of Power: Out-County Commishes Stage Board Take-Over

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners race for the District 11 seat vacated by 53rd District State Representative-elect Jeff Irwin was, it turns out, more interesting and more instructional than even the two vote margin between the winning and losing candidates would indicate. University of Michigan student Yousef Rabhi beat a man 40 years his […]

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The Politics of Chuzpah: Suing The Hand That Feeds You

If you’ve got money to burn, stop here. You don’t care how much of your money city government wastes. You’re too important/busy to care. It makes you feel special to know you have money to burn. You own a Prius because it’s trendy, not because you’d care if the price of gas hit $8 per […]

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The Politics of Campaign Mythology: John “Big John” Dingell—Looking Out for You, Me, and the PACs of Eli Lilly, Dow Chemical, Morgan Stanley, the National Rifle Association, Kraft, and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Doubling up on Dingell. It’s luck of the draw, really. Yesterday, I got an email from Representative John Dingell’s campaign via the Washtenaw Democratic Party. The text from Washtenaw Dem Party Chair Stu Dowty is short and sweet. “This just in from Congressman John Dingell’s campaign. Can you contribute?” You know, sometimes a teenager will […]

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The Politics of Love: John Dingell’s Not Feeling It

Filed under—SCOOPS & SCORES!! Half a day after I posted this entry to A2Politico.com, AnnArbor.com followed the leader and posted a story on the same Detroit News poll. Once more, alas, we see the AnnArbor.com writer copying from his neighbor, without attribution—simply changing a word or two does not entitle you to pass off someone else’s reporting your own. Hyperlinks […]

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The Politics of Education: Why AAPS Needs Its Own Michelle Rhee

Dr. Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the Washington, DC public school system for the past three years, is once again in the news. If you’ve never heard of Rhee, have no fear, I’ll catch you up. Michelle Rhee is a heretic, an educator who believes that public schools exist to educate our children, rather than provide […]

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The Politics of Feeding At the Trough: Heavenly Brownfield Money & Zingerman’s

I love Zingerman’s, in theory. I stopped eating there when sandwich prices required the participation of both Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln. We do, however, buy bread there weekly. My days of making Russian dressing by the 5-gallon container are long gone, but my recipe is still tasty enough to get good reviews from those […]

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WHISPER: Fifth Ward Candidate Debates — Questions in Advance and No Audience Participation

I was told recently that Independent Fifth Ward Council candidate Newcombe Clark is beating a drum to get a series of debates organized between the Fifth Ward Council candidates, Clark, Republican John Floyd and Democratic incumbent Carsten Hohnke. AnnArbor.com has signed on to sponsor one debate, as have the dynamic duo of Mary Morgan and Dave […]

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The Politics of the Michigan 1st: Political Bookies Call the Race

Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak is a political Prius, a Democratic hybrid who runs on a pro-life, pro-gun platform, and who has represented Michigan’s 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1993. Stupak is stepping down, and the race for his seat pits pro-life, pro-gun Democrat Gary McDowell, who has served in the […]

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The Politics of Spin: And You Wonder Why Snyder’s Killing Bernero in the Polls?

According to the latest polling data posted to Politico.com, Republican Rick Snyder is killing Democrat Virg Bernero. Snyder’s camp expects the gap to lessen over the next 50 days, but by how much is anyone’s guess. Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, and Virg Bernero have been sending regular electronic missives to their respective […]

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