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The Politics of “A Republican”: An Interview With Fifth Ward Council Candidate John Floyd


Fifth Ward City Council candidate John Floyd is among the few candidates for local office whom I believe are motivated by the desire to serve the public as opposed to serving themselves. Trevor Staples, a proponent of the as-yet-to-be-funded or built Ann Arbor Skatepark (and a Hieftje/Hohnke supporter), tweeted this to his 179 followers on Twitter, “Hey […]

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The Politics of Health Care: Taking Good Care Of Our Friends

I was at the chiropractor not too long ago, and when she walked into the room and groaned I thought she needed an adjustment more than I did. As it turns out, she had just received her letter of renewal from her company’s health insurance provider (Blue Care Network) and learned that insurance rates for […]

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The Politics of Archaeology: Michigan Republican Party Slams Rep. Dingell As a Fossil From the 50s

[A2P Notes: This is a cross-post from my blog at the Huffington Post. I cover Michigan politics nationally for HuffPost through the Politics Eyes and Ears channel.] The latest poll by the Detroit Free Press covering the race between Democrat John D. Dingell, Jr., and Republican Dr. Rob Steele, a cardiologist, puts Mr. Dingell comfortably […]

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The Politics of Nuking ‘Em: An Interview With Fifth Ward Council Candidate Newcombe Clark


Newcombe Clark is running against Fifth Ward City Council incumbent Carsten Hohnke, as well as Republican candidate John Floyd. Clark holds undergraduate degrees in both mechanical engineering, and Japanese language and culture from the University of Michigan. At the moment, he is pursuing a graduate degree in business at the University of Michigan, and works […]

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The Politics of Popularity: Quien Es Mas Macho? Ricardo Montalban or Carsten Hohnke?

This past Sunday, the half of AnnArbor.com’s editorial board that participated in the recent endorsement-a-palooza threw their support behind the candidacy of Independent Newcombe Clark in the Fifth Ward City Council race. In this new world of journalism-on-the-cheap, “linking” to and “lifting” from the work of other news outlets often passes for “original news content.” Thus, instead […]

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WHISPER: Commissioners’ Fringes Slated For Scrutiny & Vote

Someone on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners (BOC) tried to garrote Commissioner Kristin Judge. I wrote about the sloppy attempt to off the Pittsfield Democrat here. Since one of the emails leaked to Judge’s Republican opponent was sent to Commissioner Barbara Levin Bergman alone, it appears as if Democrat Bergman is a suspect in […]

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The Politics of Backstabbing: Who’s Trying to Off Kristin Judge?

Someone on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners is trying to off Democratic Commissioner Kristin Judge. The culprit leaked emails Judge sent to a colleague on the BOC to Judge’s Republican opponent. Sean Gray, a high school teacher with, what appears to be, the moral compass and political savvy of a teenager, took the emails […]

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The Politics of the Local Dem ‘Ndrangheta: Who’s the Boss Behind The Ouimet Hit?

The email from the Chair of the Washtenaw County Dems, Stu Dowty, couldn’t have been clearer. The Republican candidate for Pam Byrnes’s 52nd District state House seat is a chiseler. Mark Ouimet, according to the press release sent to me via email, has been charging Washtenaw County taxpayers per diem expenses for meetings he allegedly […]

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The Politics of Education: Time For Value-Added Analysis in the AAPS

I don’t know many tots who are big fans of the MEAP testing that goes on for two weeks at the beginning of the school year. I’m not a big fan of the weeks of MEAP “prep” that the Ann Arbor School District engages in. They do it, of course, so that parents in wealthy […]

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Will “Underperforming” Gubernatorial Candidate Virg Bernero Drag Democrat Gary McDowell’s Campaign in the Michigan 1st to The Depths?

This is another post from my Huffington Post blog coverage of the Michigan 1st Congressional District race between Democrat Representative Gary McDowell and Republican Dr. Dan Benishek. The NRCC and other right-leaning groups are pouring money into this race ($1.2 million and counting), and both candidates are slinging the mud fast and furious. My next […]

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