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The Politics of Blogging @ A2Politico: 2010 Was Very, Very Good To A2P

When I launched this blog in 2009, I wanted to see if anyone was as interested in local politics as I am. Oh, I’m interested in state and national politics, as well. However, I find that local politics directly impact me, my business and my family somewhat more than state and national politics. I launched […]

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The Politics of Grandstanding: Washtenaw County Commishes Need A Time Out

To hear the various members of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners (BOC) tell it, various commissioners have at various times over the past four months: 1.  Tried desperately to get rid of per diems (and failed). 2.  Voted against getting rid of per diems because, well, there are “financial controls” in place now to […]

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A2Politico Grillin’ the Media: Local Media Bleeding Revenues/Readers/Online Audience

It is a sad fact that Ann Arbor, while being recognized as one of the most “intelligent” cities in the United States by Forbes magazine (47.9 percent of adult residents hold undergraduate degrees) we are saddled with local newspapers that are, in many respects, unworthy of the audiences whom they serve. Ann Arbor is also […]

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The Politics of Safety Services: On Call Girls & On Call Firefighters, Roger Fraser Belts Out Blondie Classic “Call Me!”

At the recent City Council Budget Retreat, City Administrator Roger Fraser thrilled the standing room only crowd (the retreat was held in a largish, brightly lit closet to keep Council members on task and focused) with his rendition of the Blondie classic “Call Me.” For a quick refresher on the lyrics of the song, watch […]

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The Politics of Spin: Hieftje Email Slams Residents In Favor of Parks

Honest John Hieftje is a chronic teller of half-truths, and there is never any better chance to see Honest John at his dissembling best as when he’s answering emails from constituents. Watch a video of Hieftje chatting with a constituent here: To borrow from Henny Youngman: Take Huron Hills Golf Course. Please. Someone. To hear Hieftje, […]

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The Politics of Progressive Money-Grubbing: City Staff, Mayor & Council Members After Money From A Company That Invests Millions To Thwart Equal Pay and Equal Rights Nationwide

Ann Arbor city staff are always sniffing around for grant money. It’s part of the job for many of them, and we benefit from their hard work. However, it matters where money comes from just as much as it matters where we spend our money. The 2006 film “Blood Diamond” showed quite clearly the connections […]

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