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The Politics of Missing the Boat: Washtenaw County State Legislators Left Out?


Ann Arbor and environs had the misfortune of having our state senator, as well as the 52nd District state representative term-limited out. Newbies 53rd District Democratic Representative Jeff Irwin (pictured left) and 52nd Dsitrict Representative Mark Ouimet went to Lansing with lots o’ gusto, enthusiasm and promises. Newbie Democratic State senator Rebekah Warren, by her […]

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The Politics of Race: Can Michigan Attract “Educated Immigrants?”


To be sure, Michigan attracts immigrants and migrants. Some 90,000 work picking crops in our state seasonally. In Ann Arbor, there is a growing Hispanic community. Governor Rick Snyder wants to boost Michigan’s economy by attracting “highly-educated immigrants to the state,” he told those listening to his State of the State address. First, let’s get past […]

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The Politics of Humor: The Most Popular Political Cartoon On A2P

At the City Council Budget Retreat in early January, Fourth Ward Council member Margie Teall was caught on tape saying, “We have three pools. We can close two and leave one open. I don’t care.” Second Ward Council member Stephen Rapundalo who can, in this video be heard arguing for a city income tax, was […]

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The Politics of Policing: U of M Reviewing Draconian Trespass Policy at Urging of ACLU


In 2008 to Dr. Andrei Borisov, a 15-year employee of U-M who had been raising questions about how some grant money was being used in the pediatrics/cardiology department. Following a meeting in which his superiors asked for his resignation, Borisov said he was escorted to his office by police officers who read a trespass warning to him and then arrested him when he […]

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The Politics of Parks: Ted Annis Talks About Parks, Politics and A2P2


When Ann Arbor resident Ted Annis signs his email messages, he often appends the title “Entrepreneur.” Ted Annis earned a Bachelor of Science from Xavier University in 1964 and an M.B.A. in 1965. Annis is the now retired co-founder of NanoBio, a biological pharmaceutical development company he founded along with James R. Baker, Jr. In November […]

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The Politics of Hype: “Google Is Hiring! Google is Hiring! Google is Hiring!”


AnnArbor.com is breathlessly reporting that Google is Hiring!  There is a saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” When Google came to town, and we’re all pleased as punch to have the company here, Google was lauded, wined, dined, its shoes shined and digital butt kissed by politicos, taxpayers, […]

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The Politics of Numerology: The Michigan Dashboard — A Political Cartoon

This cartoon was originally posted to the Michigan Liberal blog. I can’t think of another word to say that the cartoon doesn’t say already. Well, except that a comment below the cartoon contained this gem: “I actually like the idea of the dashboard, so I went to go see it, and it’s so dumbed down […]

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The Politics of Politics As Usual: Republican Rick Snyder Asks for “Sacrifices” Just Not His Political Pals

By appointing former Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Michael Finney to head the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Republican Governor Rick Snyder has sent a clear message: he intends to reward friends with plum jobs and super-sized salaries. Michigan’s economic woes and public-sector employees be damned. Mr. Finney’s track record as the CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK […]

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The Politics of Irony: AnnArborChronicle.com Neglects To Chronicle Own Court Case Decision

When AnnArborChronicle.com editor, David Askins, and Publisher, Mary Morgan, filed a lawsuit in September 2010 against the City of Ann Arbor alleging Open Meetings Act violations, the September 29, 2010 write-up (tip o’ the keyboard to Ryan Stanton) on the news blog was several thousand words long. In that write-up, David Askins explains that: We don’t take […]

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The Top Ten: Most Frequently Viewed A2P Posts in 2010

If you’re new to A2P, take a few minutes and check out the posts you missed. If you’re a regular reader, chances are you read every one of these, twice. I’ll be back with a new post. Soon. I promise. In the meantime, vote in the poll below the list. 1.  The Politics of Development: […]

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