The Politics of Drama: Ann Arbor DDA Retreat Video Portrays City Residents As “Idiots.” Anonymous “Idiot” Posts Video Mocking DDA.

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As a part of the Downtown Development Authority Board’s Annual Retreat, Board President Joan “Don’t Listen to the Sulkers” Lowenstein prepared a short “comic” video. Like the best banana republic leaders, Lowenstein has no use for the riff raff. Joan, who ran for the 15th District Court seat in 2008 and came in last, has little patience for the “little people.” Perhaps she bears us all ill will because we didn’t vote for her? Perhaps, she believes she is Cleopatra, and Ann Arbor is her own private Luxor on the Nile. Frankly, after seeing Lowenstein in action a few times, I’ve concluded that both are perfectly reasonable explanations for her Dynastic behavior (Oh, not that Dynasty. The other “Dynasty.” I’m thinking of the episode where Joan Lowenstein and Joan Collins fall screaming into the fountain, pulling each other’s hair, while dressed in diamond tennis bracelets and evening wear). 

During the April 2010 public hearing concerning whether Ann Arbor City Council should approve a PUD for The Moravian “workforce housing” project, close to 100 people wheedled, begged, browbeat and generally spoke to Council—without ever understanding the elected officials had made up their minds prior to the hearing. Lowenstein strode to the podium and urged the City Council members not to give in to the “sulkers.” As reported by AnnArborChronicle.com, Lowenstein suggested: 

…That people in Ann Arbor like to sulk. For example, they like to sulk about the fact that there’s no local newspaper anymore. They like to sulk about the fact that the whole city might flood. She concluded by encouraging the council to say no to the sulkers.

Lowenstein, now the Chair of the DDA Board, prepared a “humorous” video to kick off the meeting. As you can imagine, “parking” is the star, and the rainbow bear, “parks,” is the not-so-bright sidekick.

AnnArbor.com’s coverage of the meeting ignored the video presentation, oddly enough. AnnArborChronicle.com posted the video (without comment) to its its extensive, “Insulting Humor Observed and Chronicled But Not Commented Upon Lest We Lose City Advertising Revenues” section of their news blog.

A day later, the following video showed up on YouTube. It is, obviously, a response to the DDA’s poke at the piss pot proletariat who pay the bills. This video, which I take to be an “animated” discussion between between Joan Lowenstein and John Hieftje, starts out: “What Ann Arbor needs is more parking, a big hotel and a conference center that will make lots of money for the DDA.” The video was posted under the username: ddaboondoggle.

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3 Comments for “The Politics of Drama: Ann Arbor DDA Retreat Video Portrays City Residents As “Idiots.” Anonymous “Idiot” Posts Video Mocking DDA.”

  1. No surprise this was ignored by annarbor.com either.

  2. Thanks the forces of the universe that Ms. Lowenstein wasn’t elected judge. No wonder she’s taken her ‘public service’ to a position all that is required is being a puppet of the Mayor and a strong contempt of the city taxpayers and a job that doesn’t require running for election. The reason the city is floating an income tax is because of Ms. L’s and her fellow DDA buddies skimming tax increased off the top from other local public entities and wasting it on DDA ‘projects’.

  3. Joan is employed in the service of abstractions, not the real needs of the downtown.

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