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WHISPER: AnnArbor.com Loses Trio of Top Staffers To Detroit Free Press


I received several anonymous emails last week, the subject of which were all the same: ________________ (you fill in the blank) is leaving AnnArbor.com to work at the Detroit Free Press. The first email referred to Stefanie Murray, the first “leadership” hire announced by AnnArbor.com on May 27, 2009. She was hired to serve as […]

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The Politics of Money: Ann Arbor Loses $13.9 Million Federal TIGER Grant For Stadium Bridge Repair.


A2PNotes: This is filed under Scoops & Scores because you read it here first!! On February 17, 2011 A2Politico posted a Weekly Whopper titled, “The city will fix the Stadium Bridges next spring.” The entry focused on the several year delay on the part of elected officials and city staff in repairing the Stadium Bridges. […]

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The Politics of Redistricting: The Republican Fantasy (With a Poll)


When last Ann Arbor was redistricted out of its Congressional Representative (Democrat Lynn Rivers), there were plenty of bruised feelings. Below is the current map of U.S. Congressional districts in Michigan: Kiss it goodbye. Slowly, tenderly, and knowing that state Republicans are sharpening their pencils to see which Democratic Districts to target, and which members […]

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Weekly Whopper: A2 Streets Are Being Cleared of Snow So Slowly Because, “This Was One of the Wettest Snows in Two Years.”


On February 3, 2011 A2Politico posted an entry that explained why Ann Arbor streets were being plowed so much more slowly than those tended to by the county and surrounding cities. In short, Ann Arbor’s Director of Operations, Sue McCormick, who directly oversees the plowing operations, had allowed the first five snow plows sent out […]

February 24th, 2011 | Posted in City Services,Fact Check,Weekly Whoppers | Read More »

The Politics of Education: Michigan Dept. of Ed Study Finds Less Than Half of AAPS Graduates College Ready


My eldest tot is going to Community High School next Fall. The lottery pool for the 112 spots this year was larger than in previous years, and over 400 kids and their parents waited to find out whose number had been drawn. Maybe some of the families who would have liked to have sent their […]

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The A2P Foodist: The Moral Crusade Against Foodies

February/March has been unofficially dubbed “Lash Out At Locavores” month at two of the most influential thinking person’s haunts. First, at Salon.com, chef Eddie Huang, owner of BaoHaus restaurant in New York City, and a blogger, had this to say about hip food trends: You know what happens when you sell trends? You sell crap. […]

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The Politics of Cronyism: A Look at Sausage-Making Ann Arbor-Style



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Weekly Whopper: “The City will fix the Stadium bridges next spring.”


March is right around the corner, and this past primary election season Ann Arbor residents and voters were assured by John Hieftje, Margie Teall, Carsten Hohnke, Sandi Smith and City Administrator Roger Fraser in the pages of AnnArbor.com, A2Journal, The Michigan Daily, the Ann Arbor Observer and on AnnArborChronicle.com that work “was scheduled” to begin […]

February 17th, 2011 | Posted in Fact Check,Infrastructure,Weekly Whoppers | Read More »

House Calls: Rep. Jeff Irwin Talks Public-Sector Unions & Balancing the State’s Budget


Representative Jeff Irwin, a Democrat, served for a decade as a Washtenaw County Commissioner. In January 2011, he began his first term in the Michigan House of Representatives. In August 2010, Irwin beat out well-known Ann Arbor politico Ned Staebler (currently a VP at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation) in the Democratic primary for the […]

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The Politics of Smoke: Fire Chief Lanza Quits Before The Fireworks Start


Fire Chief Dom Lanza just quit. Lanza’s a personable man, who came to Ann Arbor with some very good ideas about how the Fire Department could cut costs in order to preserve the coverage we have. The chances are very good when Dominick Lanza pitched his ideas to City Administrator Roger Fraser, he got nowhere […]

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