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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Former Governor Jennifer Granholm Talks About the Political and Economic Past & Future of Michigan and the U.S.


by Chris Savage Last week, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and her husband Dan Mulhern released their new book A Governor’s Story – The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future. (You can read my A2Politico review of their book HERE.) Since then, they have been on a whirlwind national tour, conducting newspaper & magazine […]

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Lanx Satura [sat-ahyuhr]: The @LOLGOP Dichionary Defines “Class Warfare”


by Pete Nicely Class Warfare noun. Origin of Class Warfare: From the French classe, from Latin classis group called to military service, fleet, class; perhaps akin to Latin calare to call, from the Middle English werre, warre war + fare journey, passage —  First Known Use: 15th century. Best one sentence decimation of GOP argument that taxation of the rich […]

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The News Chix: In Response to Fire Cuts, Ann Arbor Mayor Recommends Residents Douse House Fires With Garden Hoses


A2P Notes: The News Chix, anchored by Millie W. Benson, debuts this week. Benson, a long-time resident of Ann Arbor, and keen-eyed political observer, reports on local politics like, well, no other sock puppet wearing dangly earrings can. In this first episode, Benson reports on cuts to safety services, in particular the reduction in the […]

September 27th, 2011 | Posted in Featured,Lanx Satura [sat-ahyuhr],The News Chix | Read More »

Recycle Ann Arbor Quietly Throws CEO Melinda Uerling Under the Wheels of the Compost Truck


by P.D. Lesko Make no mistake. One look at the last three years of audited financial statements of Recycle Ann Arbor, and the company’s losses make it clear that CEO Melinda Uerling was struggling to keep the company, controlled by the Ann Arbor Ecology Center, afloat. Most recently, city staffers went before Council with a […]

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The Parent Trap: The Talented and Gifted Child—Frequently A Product of Parent Imagination and Ego


by Betsy McMillin It is September. That means school is back in session and it is time, across the country, for Curriculum Night. Working hand-in-hand with our kids’ teachers and principals is one of the most important things we, as parents, can do to ensure a successful productive school year. And it all starts on this […]

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Urban Exile: Voter ID Laws Disenfranchise Many More Than Just the Homeless


by Erika McNamara One of the very few civics lessons that high schoolers learn today is that citizens over the age of 18 may vote in U.S. elections.  It is your right and your duty as an adult citizen of the United States to vote.  Of course we all learned as well that, at first, […]

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WHISPER: After $4.9 Million Face Lift, Photos Show Larcom Basement Filled With Mold, Unrepaired 8 Months After Flood


by P.D. Lesko “I just hope everyone who’s asked to sign a petition gets all the information about the condition of the spaces we’re trying to replace and the cost of not doing anything,” said Council Member Chris Easthope, who’s worked on the plan for a new police-court building for several years.—Ann Arbor News, April […]

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Lanx Satura [Sat-ahyuhr]: How to Talk Dirty to a Tea Partier – w4m (Ann Arbor)


by Pete Nicely ann arbor craigslist > personals > casual encounters How to Talk Dirty to a Tea Partier – w4m (Ann Arbor) Date: 2011-09-19, 3:04AM EDT Seeking a common sense conservative who woke up from a coma on the day President Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated. Seeking a small government conservative who honestly believes that that […]

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Review: Granholm & Mulhern’s Important New Book “A Governor’s Story” – Can The Country Learn from Michigan’s Experience?


A Governor’s Story – The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future is an important contribution to the conversation and debate that is occurring right now over our economic path forward as a country. The question is, will the rest of the country learn from Michigan’s experience?

September 20th, 2011 | Posted in Arts & Leisure,Books,Featured,Michigan politics | Read More »

Before 2006 Park Millage Vote Pols Passed Resolution to “Protect” Park Tax Dollars (Then Diverted Millions). Now, Sabra Briere Proposes to “Protect” Road Repair Millage Money.


by P.D. Lesko City staff, John Hieftje, his City Council pals, the Board members of the Downtown Development Authority and even the members of the Board of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority want taxpayers to renew the city’s Street Repair Millage for another five years. To get you to do it, city staffers and politicos […]

September 19th, 2011 | Posted in Ann Arbor Politics,Art,Econ,Featured,Infrastructure,Money,Taxes | Read More »

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