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Ann Arbor SPARK Wants To Expand, But Nov. 8th Could Trip Up The Plans


by P.D. Lesko Oddly enough, one of the five upcoming City Council elections—Ward 2—could have a major impact on Ann Arbor SPARK and CEO Paul Krutko’s fantasies of using money generated by Ann Arbor taxpayers on becoming a regional player. Some have posited that Ann Arbor Second Ward Council member Stephen Rapundalo (left) is in […]

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Livingston County Politicos Protect Their County’s Taxpayers From Ann Arbor Boondoggle

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by P.D. Lesko Livingston County has a population of about 180,000, less than half the number of residents of Washtenaw County. However, Livingston County politicos have more than twice the smarts than have Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County politicos when it comes to spotting boondoggles that are a huge waste of taxpayers’ money. First it […]

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Lanx Satura [Sat-ahyuhr]: Why America Hates Liberals (Yes, You Do)


by Pete Nicely You probably don’t hate gay people. You probably chose not to be a fundamentalist Christian because you didn’t want to think about gay sex that much—not that it works, mind you. And when someone close to you came out, you found yourself surprised to discover it had almost no long-term effect, good […]

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Neighborhood Candidate Forum Shows Just How Much Is At Stake in Ward 2 Election


by P.D. Lesko A Ward 2 neighborhood association packed the house at Thurston Elementary School on Wednesday October 26, 2011 for a candidate forum between incumbent Ann Arbor City Council member Stephen Rapundalo (left) and challenger Jane Lumm (below), a former Second Ward Council member who served during the 1990s and who is looking to […]

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Sierra Club Endorses Jane Lumm in Ann Arbor Ward 2 City Council Race


by P.D. Lesko Despite her continued opposition to the city’s Greenbelt millage, money that city officials have used to purchase thousands of acres of land (tip o’ the keyboard to Rita Mitchell), including farmland, in the area surrounding Ann Arbor, The Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group, and Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter today announced its endorsement of  […]

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Occupy Colleges Plans National Teach-in to Support Occupy Wall Street: No Michigan Colleges Participating


by P.D. Lesko After successful October 13 Student Solidarity Protests around the country, including on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan, Occupy Colleges plans nationwide Teach-ins at colleges and universities. You can watch a video of the October 7th protest at the University of Michigan below: According to a piece published in the […]

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The News Chix: Ann Arbor Seeks to Reduce Crime By Outsourcing 911 Hotline To Pakistani Call Center


A2P Notes: The News Chix, anchored by Millie W. Benson, weighs in on the subject of crime reporting this week. On August 8, 2011, A2Politico posted a feature piece titled, “Mayor & Police Chief’s Longtime Claims That “Crime Is Down” Bogus? AAPD Sources Reveal Crime Reports Not Filed & Allege Crimes Misclassified.” Perhaps if you […]

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Urban Exile: Prepared to Slash Human Services Funding, County Commish Writes That Board “Needs Understanding”


by P.D. Lesko Barbara Levin Bergman (left) is retiring from the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners at the end of her present term. As is the case in Washtenaw County politics,  Andy LaBarre has been identified as the next District 8 lama by a group of local Tibetan monks. LaBarre is a perfectly genial young […]

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The Parent Trap: When Parents Have Favorite Children (And We Do)

Favorite Child

by Betsy McMillin Okay Parents. Time to face facts. According to many studies, you have a favorite child. Never mind that studies don’t know you or your kids or your family unit. Chances are pretty good that whether you are able to admit it or not, you (we) all have one child that stands out […]

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Savaged: Michigan’s Best Political Blogs


By Chris Savage Since most of the writing I do is for my politics-focused blog, Eclectablog which has a strong emphasis on Michigan politics, we thought it would be fun to do a rundown of what I think are the ten best political blogs in Michigan. As a liberal blogger, I do most of my […]

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