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Savaged: County Commishes Suggest Euthanizing Local Humane Society Over Money Dispute


By Chris Savage “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”— attributed to Mohandas Gandhi What would you call a group of municipal leaders that was receiving $1.5 million in legally-mandated services from another organization, but paying only $500,000 to receive those services? And […]

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The Culture Vulture: Gangster Movie Madness


by Nick Leshi Even though they are often fraught with stereotypes, gangster movies are still one of my all-time guilty pleasures.  Some of my favorite films are in that genre: The Godfather, Carlito’s Way, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, TV’s The Sopranos, and countless others.  Hollywood is a slave to trends, and it looks like a swarm of mob movies are coming […]

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Why Is Ann Arbor’s State Senator Accepting Free Meals From the City’s Own Lobbyist?


by P.D. Lesko In September 2011, MLive political analyst Susan J. Demas outed Democratic State Senator Rebekah Warren (left) as one of only four Michigan legislators who had accepted more than $1,800 in free food and drinks from lobbyists during 2011. In contrast Representative Jeff Irwin, who was elected in 2010 to represent Michigan’s 53rd […]

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Culture Vulture: IN TIME—A Movie Metaphor for the OWS Movement


by Nick Leshi The new science fiction movie “In Time” opened and I had high hopes. It was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, the guy responsible for “Gattaca,” one of my favorites, and it stars the multi-talented Justin Timberlake who continues to surprise me, the stunning Amanda Seyfried, and the never-disappointing Cillian Murphy. The […]

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A2Politico: Posts & People For Whom We’re Very Thankful….


by P.D. Lesko A2Politico appreciates you taking a break from cooking, eating and sports to stop by to see what we’re up to today. We’re all cooking, eating and watching sports. In October, A2Politico hosted 27,000 readers. As always, we count on you to help us by casually mentioning to friends, enemies, current crushes, and […]

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Lanx Satura [Sat-ahyuhr]: (Wet) Dreams of A Comedy Central Roast—Newt Gingrich

Meet Newt

by Pete Nicely The one thing I have in common with the Republican Party is that I don’t like Mitt Romney.  But let’s be honest. Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican’s nominee in 2012. In a political season that’s pitting the good of the 99 percent against the whims of the 1 percent, the […]

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Urban Exile: Do We Care More About Starving Kids in Africa Than Starving Kids in Michigan?


by Erika McNamara Sometimes I wonder if needy people in Africa get more of our attention then people right here in our own state and town. Almost a month ago a judge put a halt to the state of Michigan’s new cap on cash assistance for individuals who’ve been on assistance for 48-months. The decision […]

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The Parent Trap: It’s ALL Our Fault—Parental Guilt


by Betsy McMillin I am feeling a great deal of parental guilt lately. My eight-year-old daughter has a medical (non-life threatening) condition. She is being tested for a learning disability as well. She is a sweet, bright, funny, happy, silly, shy little girl with an imagination that takes our entire family to hilarious, interesting places. […]

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Michigan Messenger Online News Site Shuttered—Why You Should Care (A Lot)


by P.D. Lesko If you never read the Michigan Messenger, you missed some of the best investigative reporting around. Eartha Jane Melzer on the Benton Harbor and environmental beats outreported virtually every other news outlet in the state. Michigan Messenger belonged to a network of state-based online news sites founded by the American Independent News Network. According […]

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The Culture Vulture: The Unsolved Mysteries of Harry Potter

Harry Potter vs Voldemort Deathly Hallows 2

by Nelle Engoron Now that the final film (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2) has unspooled in Muggle theaters, there are no real surprises for the fans, who know full well how the saga ends from having read the books (to pieces, in many cases). But even after watching that final scene at […]

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