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Satire & Sex Top the List of Top 15 Stories @A2Politico in 2011


by P.D. Lesko My kids have nagged me this year because A2Politico.com didn’t cover local sports. I’ve teased them and said “That’s what AnnArbor.com is for.” Today, for the first time, AnnArbor.com posted a list of its most read stories (though no actual page view numbers for each story, alas) over the course of the […]

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The Culture Vulture: Movie Review—Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy


by William Belle If somebody says “spy movie” the first thing which comes to mind is James Bond. Yep, car chases, million dollar gambling in Monte Carlo and gadgets that do all sorts of nifty things. But did the movie producers of the Bond films or even Ian Fleming for that matter actually capture the […]

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Deliverance: 411 on the 313—Why Liberals Need to Read Pravda and Politico.com


by Warren Liverance Several weeks ago, my not-so-benevolent editor and I had a chat about how and where we get our news and information. We agreed that the way we access the written word has changed radically over the past decade. So, I decided to devote a column to this issue. Since the thought processes […]

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Ann Arbor School Board Members Take Big Money From Unions To Campaign But Vote Against Contracting With Unionized Company For HVAC


By Chris Savage On December 14, the Ann Arbor Board of Education members approved a new HVAC Journeyman contract with Flint-based D.M. Burr, Inc. D.M. Burr’s bid was $66,727 less than the bid of Johnson Controls, the next lowest bidder and current holder of the contract. Why the difference? This chart tells the tale: [Source: Ann […]

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Ann Arbor School Officials First Deny Having Actual Enrollment Numbers—After Multiple FOIAs & 72 Days Officials Relinquish Numbers

Like Sardines in a Can

by P.D. Lesko On December 13, 2011, A2Politico posted a piece titled, “30? 40? 50? Ann Arbor Officials Have No Idea Exactly How Many Kids Are In District Classrooms.” For several days, it was among the top 5 most clicked headlines in the nation on a national site that aggregates headlines from about 1,000 progressive […]

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Snyder Signs Bill Ending Same-Sex Benefits for Public Employees — Strips More Children of Health Care


by P.D. Lesko Michigan Republicans sent House Bill 4770 and House Bill 4771 to Governor Rick Snyder and on Thursday December 22, 2011 he signed the bills into law. The bills prohibit public employers from including domestic partner benefits in their public employee compensation packages, and make domestic partner benefits a prohibited subject in collective bargaining. According to […]

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Reader’s Choose The 2011 Whopper of the Year Award


It’s time for readers to help choose the A2Politico.com Whopper of the Year Award winner. A2Politico.com gave the 2010 Whopper of the Year to former City Administrator Roger Fraser. For 24 months, Fraser fibbed to Ann Arbor residents through the media and at public City Council meetings, that “property tax revenues are down.” This non-existent decrease […]

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Lanx Satura [Sat-ahyuhr]: The Birth of Jesus, According to the Tea Party


by Pete Nicely Great minds from Mark to Monty Python to Tolstoy to Thomas Jefferson to Andrew Lloyd Weber have all interpreted the Gospel of Jesus Christ for their time and sensibilities. But all of those interpretations lack perfection because they were written before the dawn of the movement that had most clearly rendered the […]

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Deliverance: 411 on the 313—Detroit, Race & the Whole Emergency Manager Enchilada


A2P Notes: Recently, ProgressMichigan sent this Tweet to the organization’s several thousand Twitter followers: “Strong progressive voices in Michigan: @Eclectablog @bloggingformich @NathanTriplett @A2Politico @gretchenwhitmer.” ProgressMichigan is headed by David Holtz, who served as the Clean Water Action Michigan Director for four years, during which time he built the state environmental community’s largest online community of […]

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Look Out Boys! The Über Spinster Lets Down Her Hair


by P.D. Lesko I read it, and I laughed. Out loud. I read it again, and laughed even more. I kept reading. Sometimes, I get bored and quit in the middle. Other times, reading this stuff is like taking flax seed oil. It’s good for me, so I do it. This time, however, I was […]

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