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The Political Agenda of the Michigan GOP Has Created Economic Apartheid, Not Jobs

economic apartheid

by Rob Smith On December 12, 2012 Governor Rick Snyder was quoted in the Detroit Free Press as saying that “Michigan is well-positioned for a comeback.” A few days later, for the third year, Forbes Magazine ranked Michigan 47th in Forbes’ Best States for Business and Careers list. In a piece accompanying the ranking Governor Snyder offered up a mess […]

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Readership of AA.com Plummets 75% According to Execs—Site Loses Another Key Staffer to the Freep


by P.D. Lesko If the down-sizing and attrition continue apace at AnnArbor.com, Laurel Champion, former publisher of the Ann Arbor News, will be left to head the organization as Executive Vice President in Charge of, Well, Everything. Steve Pepple (pictured below, right), former Print Director for AnnArbor.com, has decamped to the Detroit Free Press. You didn’t hear? […]

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Ann Arbor Dems Who Supported Governor Rick Snyder Get Some Recognition

KickMe_500 copy

A2P Notes: This piece originally ran in April 2011. In the interim, much has changed, politically, in our state. The Michigan GOP and Governor Rick Snyder have waged a relentless war on unions, teachers, reproductive rights, gays, voting rights and even democracy. The contempt with which our state legislators have held the state’s electorate has […]

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A2P Foodist: Restaurant Review—Sava’s


Restaurant Review:  *** (good, reliable)—Ratings range from zero to five stars and reflect the reviewer’s reaction to food, with ambiance, service and price taken into consideration, as well. Sava’s 216 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Hours: 8 a.m.-midnight daily Ph: 734-623-2233 Reservations suggested for Sunday brunch. Trying to find the door to a […]

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A2 Arts Alliance Exec. Director: “We Advised the Mayor NOT to Put An Art Tax on the Ballot”


by P.D. Lesko In July 2012 Deb Polich (pronounced Polick) was named the new executive director of the Ann Arbor Arts Alliance. In August, says Polich, “We—the Arts Alliance Board and myself—had a meeting with Mayor Hieftje and Council members Taylor (Christopher Taylor, Ward 3) and Lumm (Jane Lumm, Ward 2), and we told them that […]

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At the University of Michigan Hospital, the 1 Percent Tell the 99 Percent To Tighten Their Belts


by P.D. Lesko Republicans, Tea Partiers and malcontents have blamed Obamacare for the rise in health insurance premiums. Republicans in Washington complain that Obamacare will result in soaring costs for health care providers. Progressive Washington DC think tank Think Progress offered a different explanation for the rising cost of health insurance premiums. In August 2012, […]

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MLive Prez (Accidentally) Confims That AnnArbor.com Unique Visitor Count Has Plummeted By 643,000 Since July 2011


by P.D. Lesko The history of the telescope is fascinating. This piece is not about that. However, it is about The Ann magazine’s futile and ultimately disappointing attempt to give readers insight into AnnArbor.com using what amounts to a journalistic telescope. Don’t get me wrong. Writing about AnnArbor.com and getting the Big Brush Off from […]

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So, How Much Did AATA Spend on Its Failed Regional Transit Scheme? It’ll Cost Ya $1,538 to Find Out.

Derailed train

by P.D. Lesko Freedom of Information Act requests are governed by the notion that public government has the obligation to err on the side of transparency. It is also governed by the principle that if public records released would benefit the public, then those records should be released. In other words, when a FOIA request […]

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“Let Them Eat Art!” Why Refusing To Kill The Percent for Art Program Could Mean the Ouster of More Local Pols


by P.D. Lesko We begin with a fairytale: Once Upon A Time there were five Ann Arbor City Council members named Sandi Smith, Carsten Hohnke, Leigh Greden, Stephen Rapundalo and Tony Derezinski. They all unquestioningly supported Ann Arbor’s Percent for Art program. They did this while funding a $1 million dollar brass sculpture, which their subjects […]

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House Calls: Representative Jeff Irwin Still Behind County-Wide Transit


Representative Jeff Irwin, a Democrat, served for a decade as a Washtenaw County Commissioner. In January 2013, he will began his second term in the Michigan House of Representatives. In his regular column, House Calls, A2Politico will pose a single question to Representative Irwin and he will answer it. The questions will focus on his work […]

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