Lanx Satura [Sat-ahyuhr]: The Right-Wing Conspiracy Against Me

by Pete Nicely

I see it in the way people who should know better are preaching the selfish gospel of Ron Paul.

I see it in how progressives purposely miss the best parts of ObamaCare.

I see it in the corporate media stuffing Mitt Romney down the Tea Party’s throat.

I see it in the upcoming rash of attacks on Internet freedom.

I know it’s behind Republicans refusing to close Guantanamo Bay.

I know it’s why they never want to ever end this so-called war on terror—or its older interminable brother, the so-called war on the drugs.

Everywhere I see the conspiracy that gave us George W. Bush, the conspiracy of making both sides look the same. That’s the only way Republicans can win national elections.

The GOP has to play up issues of economic security and national defense that put civil liberties and shared prosperity on the backburner to cast doubt on the progressive philosophy that built America’s middle class.

Karl Rove, Frank Luntz and Roget Ailes know for a fact that if people looked at the actual issues, Republicans would lose 43-48 percent of this country. America is, by and large, pro Medicare and Social Security, pro-policing Wall Street, pro-progressive taxation, pro-peace when possible. And when people feel as if they are safe to make a choice, they tend to elect progressives.

That’s why I can’t feel safe.

I’m not allowed to hear how the border is more secure than ever, crime is way down for the third straight year, the Iraq War is over, most of Al Qaeda are gone, the stimulus worked—despite Republicans laying off more than 500,000 public workers.

I can’t know that the only thing standing between me and a real recovery is a GOP that says defense spending creates jobs but any spending that helps people doesn’t.

I can’t know that 2.5 million Americans already have health care because of ObamaCare, and 30 million more are set to join them in 2014.

I can’t know that the GOP is still selling the trickledown snake oil/opium that made this country weaker, less equal and more beholden to the richest of the rich.

Every day, the right wing conspiracy against me becomes bigger, more putrid and more deceptive.

Conservatives betray the American people on a daily by saying the most successful government economic intervention since World War II didn’t work. They say we went to losing 800,000 jobs a month from Bush to creating millions of jobs because in April of 2009 people suddenly remembered the Bush tax breaks.

They do everything they can to make sure we don’t do what we know works. Screw 98 percent of the world’s climate scientists; we have Michele Bachmann on the case.

The GOP is back to its old trick: Both sides are just as bad. The song says, “The bad guy always says, both sides are the same.” And this is true in pro wrestling, soap operas and politics.

You know if a Republican president had put the Dow back over 12,000, stopped Qaddafi massacres and silenced bin Laden, he’d be on the dime, Rushmore and Nancy Reagan by now. Obama’s accomplishments from reforming student loans to saving Detroit are undeniable.

They know that the middle class doesn’t buy that this President is a radical or a socialist. So the right has to paint him as something worse than that: A Republican.


It’s the worst thing the right can say about a President who has reversed the descent of American led by Bush and Cheney in almost every possible way.

But they can’t let reality get in the way. Why? Because they HAVE to win in 2012.

Who “they?”

The one percent of the one percent, the billionaire polluters who fund the Christian big gun AM radio/FoxMax mega-mess,

Why do they NEED to win in 2012? ObamaCare. Not Obama. Get that straight.

Of course, the right hates Obama as they hated Clinton for various reasons, mostly fueled by pretense or prejudice.

Of course, they want to name two judges who likely reconsider the fate of both Citizens United and Roe v. Wade. They want that, if it’s convenient.

But what they NEED to do is end ObamaCare, ASAP. And liberals who don’t recognize the prize that has been won seem willing to help them out.

Why do they really hate ObamaCare? The mandate?

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. It was their idea. You have to buy something? They love it.

They don’t love the regulations that make insurance companies spend up to 85 of your payments on medical care. But they know Wall Street can make a killing doing something that could be done for far less—see Medicare, or better, the VA.

What do they really hate? They hate paying taxes.

And ObamaCare includes the first tax increase on the richest one percent in a generation.

After a decade of insane tax breaks, the GOP is faced with its worst fear: a sensible tax increase on those who can afford to pay. And this sensible tax increase creates the precedent that taxing the rich will help fund health insurance for the neediest and hardest working Americans.

The right knows that ObamaCare, especially when we add a Public Option, will become a beloved resource that will improve the quality of working class lives immensely. And while civil rights cost the Democrats the White House a few times, Medicare kept Congress blue until the 90s.

YOU KNOW THIS: If ObamaCare goes into effect right as a real economic recovery picks up steam, America will see how progressive policies work for far more than the one percent.

The GOP saw what happened last time progressive policies pulled us out of a depression—50 years of prosperity and the birth of the great American middle-class. That’s a lesson that right wing conspiracy against you and me wants to refuse to let anyone ever learn, again.

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26 Comments for “Lanx Satura [Sat-ahyuhr]: The Right-Wing Conspiracy Against Me”

  1. I am new to the fray…

    The best commentary I have read todate about Ron Paul


  2. Did you mention Ron Paul after the first sentence? Yes, he is, until they find out he is a moderate the Fallwell Right darling… until they find out he isn’t one of them.

  3. I Love Clinton, and our first black president. But you are woefully uninformed on Ron Paul. He won’t win… but War on Drugs? He has wanted all drugs decriminalized and has wanted all drugs decriminalized for years!

  4. I sympathize with this article yet I don’t. It’s dishonest to say that ONLY the Republicans ever say the GOP and Dems are alike. Ralph Nader was saying it back in ’99 and Hellen Keller, of all people, was saying it back in the late 1800s. It is like there is this certain worldview the American government is trying to push on its people and the rest of the world, and the two biggest parties are playing Good Cop, Bad Cop to bring that worldview to reality. And you might think that’s wonderful because the worldview brings you Internet and Priuses and iPods and stuff like that, but it isn’t working out so hot for the rest of humanity (who has to either live with our mess, clean up our mess or be the slave labor to make all our toys) and even worse for the planetary biosphere.

    The bottom line is I don’t give a fig about progress. That word is such a weasel thing anyway–it implies movement. Where are we moving from, though? Which direction are we moving toward? I’m not sure I like the answers I’m seeing hinted at in both the historical record and the nightly news. This nation was built on genocide and cheating. I wonder if it really is possible to base true liberty and freedom and justice for all in that sort of foundation.

    If I had never seen a self-described progressive or self-described liberal do any of the following:

    1. Endorse the legality of buying and selling women’s use for the purpose of men’s entertainment;
    2. Send missionaries into indigenous communities to destroy their health by teaching them to make soymilk–and these are cultures with NO traditional experience of soy;
    3. Make a point of purchasing children from developing nations to “adopt” them under the guise of “rescuing poor children from orphanages”, despite overwhelming evidence that most of these children are in fact trafficked for the specific purpose of selling to Americans; or
    4. “Revitalize” neighborhoods in the U.S. by making them so hoity-toity and hipster that they become too expensive for poor people to continue living there, despite a years-long Section 8 waiting list and a severe shortage of Section 8 housing;

    …then I might think you had an argument. But I have seen those things happen. And you don’t.

    There’s a reason there is a radical movement on the Left and it’s not to embarrass the “centrist progressives” who are “just trying to get along.” But wait. Yes it is. In part.

    Ashamed yet? This ain’t all on the Republicans. Trust me.

  5. Your first paragraph gives away your prejudice. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate willing to end the “War on Drugs”

    Obama is in on the conspiracy as you define it. A Republican candidate is not. OMG CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER!

  6. good quote “The GOP saw what happened last time progressive policies pulled us out of a depression—50 years of prosperity and the birth of the great American middle-class. That’s a lesson that right wing conspiracy against you and me wants to refuse to let anyone ever learn, again. “

  7. This is the most hilarious (read: delirious) screed I’ve accidentally read more than two sentences of before hitting “back.” It sounds like the ramblings of one of those stoned 99-percenters dribbling fever-dreams into their bong.

  8. See I don’t like stupid right wing propaganda … but I don’t like stupid left wing propaganda either, whoever wrote this is a tard.

    On a side note, I think it’s a positive thing that the rich will get taxed (however little) more.

  9. A different perspective… I am not a millionaire or a billionaire… We live in a rental with a single car and we dream of owning a house … One of the best part of my job was excellent insurance, but that will be taken away next year thanks to the health care bill Obama passed.

    • Sounds more like your employer is to blame. And since mandatory purchase of coverage is part of this law, you WILL have insurance, even if it’s not Cadillac coverage.

      Try not having any coverage at all. I’ve done that. It’s awesome.

  10. Maybe I missed it in the article, but I didn’t see how ObamaCare directly leads to a higher tax on the richest 1%. Is there something in the language of the Act to say this?

  11. What a joke of an article.

  12. ObamaCare is a positive term if your are for the legislation.

    • No it’s not.

      This isn’t like blacks co-opting ‘nigger’ or gays co-opting ‘faggot’ to diminish the power of the slurs. ‘ObamaCare’ was, and remains, a pejorative term by its very construction. It’s an attempt to take popular and bipartisan (and sadly controversial) legislation and tie it to one person, when law doesn’t work like that. Nor do the ultimate successes and failures of the various portions of the bill depend on the office of the President.

      Nobody who’s for the bill needs to be reminded that Obama supported it. There’s no benefit for supporters of the legislation, Obama, or both for them to be tied together linguistically. The sole purpose of the word is to try and de-legitimize the legislation, by insinuating that somehow that evil Muslim illegally occupying the WH made it all happen by himself, against the will of good ol’ Amuricans.

    • President Obama called it ObamaCare himself recently. It’s a badge of honor now.

  13. Please, please, please stop calling it ObamaCare. That is a brilliantly crafted word by republican pundits to give it a negative connotation as they attach ‘death panels’ and other keywords to it (thus attaching it to Obama as well).

    This is called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or the Affordable Care Act.
    Please don’t let these words continue on in the mainstream lexicon.

  14. But the job creators blah blah blah…

  15. I’m happy for the tax increase, but this is one of the worst written and most biased articles I’ve read in a while. Low on facts, low on context, high on vitriol.

  16. Bout damn time. Now I’m certain i will be voting against anyone saying they will make their priority in office to repeal Obamacare. This combined with the mandate that what you pay for insurance must go to medical care for you. It is far more effective then I initially thought.

  17. Pete, please elaborate on what you mean by “selfish gospel of Ron Paul”. Specifics would be great.

    • Ron Paul honestly believes that poverty is caused by people not working hard enough. Apparently, if yo are sitting behind a desk bossing everyone around, you are working harder than someone who’s broken two underwires on Wal-Mart’s checkout lanes or someone else earning a few cents a bushel picking tomatoes in the fields.

      Ron Paul also wants to leave basic human rights up to the whim of the states rather than making it a federal issue. That didn’t work for slavery and it won’t work for anything else either.

      Maybe none of that is “selfish” in the usually-understood sense that Paul would directly benefit from those points of view. Fair enough. But it’s all very much “selfish” in the “I got mine, screw you” school of thought. “Why should I worry about you? You’re not my problem.” Either libertarians (and I would argue Paul is not a true libertarian, but you all love him) want us all to live in polite society or you don’t. But you can’t wall yourselves off and hoard all your wealth, which you probably got by underpaying the people doing the actual work in the first place, and expect to achieve that polite society. So pick one.

      • Dana, poverty in the United States is caused by poor people’s ignorance and despicable government regulation. When a politician or affluent person refers to working harder, they are speaking to the quest of knowledge; usually through painstaking endurance of trial and error. The vast majority of wealthy people in the US are self-made through this process.

        For the record, the lazy person is not the one who sits behind a desk and pays others in return for leveraging their labor. It’s the person who either gives up or works them self to exhaustion rather than making the effort to learn how to make money without having to trade hours for dollars.

        A seemingly overwhelming number of greedy regulators and con artist business moguls make the latter pretty damn difficult. Ron Paul speaks of fixing this and leveling the playing field. Less businesses coning/stealing from the public and less wasting tax payer funds on failing agendas and lazy people.

        Regardless of who you side with, it should be someone who promotes equal opportunity to earn an income.

        Also… Shnazzyone, ObamaCare is a fraud. The idea of healthcare for all is great. The ObamaCare legislation has little to do with healthcare and a lot with bailing out the bankrupt federal gov. It needs to be repealed or replaced with something that will actually work.

    • He’s probably talking about Paul’s general disinclination to provide public aid to the poor.
      I for one am strongly opposed to most of Paul’s economic stances – however I would vote for him because of his anti-war, anti-drug war, anti-occupation stance. I’m leaving the USA as it is – let him decimate the government that has exported militarism to the far corners of the globe, interfered endlessly in the democratic proceedings of other nations, and held back third world nations for the gain of its corporate aristocracy.

  18. Where is all the money going to come to fund Obamacare in 2014 when the you say 30 million will join you say 30 million will join. The money to give these so-called poor people health insurance hasto come from some place, doesn’t it? The Obamacare plan is to take the money for these people’s hetake money out of Medicare to fund the program. Seniors, who worked hard all out lives and paid out taxes like me, will be screwed if Obamacare is not repealed!Prove me wrong?

  19. Sorry, but they are both in fact just as bad.
    The ACLU just ranked a republican above OBama for 2012 on their civil liberties report card.
    Obama had a US citizen killed on the mere allegation of being a terrorist, without charge or trial.
    Obama signed the NDAA, allowing for the indefinite detention of US citizens, this alone should call for a charge of treason.
    That nobel peace prize needs to be stripped for these actions.
    We currently have an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf threatening iran. Imagine if Iran had an air craft carrier off the coast of florida in our gulf.
    Obama extended the Patriot Act and his administration has argued in court that its not a 4th violation for feds to walk onto your private property, break into your car trunk and install a GPS tracking device.

    Obama has decimated our civil liberties far beyond what Bush did.
    The corporate controlled media, Obama and the GOP, together attack Ron Paul.
    This is all the proof I need that they are indeed the same and on the same corporate team.

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