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Interview: Rick Dekeon—Don’t say “I can’t do it.” Say “I can’t do it right now.”


by Betsy McMillin I truly don’t know how to do justice to long-time Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher Rick Dekeon. Anyone who knows him knows exactly what I am talking about. He is by far one of the most amazing teachers you will ever come across, and I have hundreds of people who are nodding their […]

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Judge Reverses Snyder Administration Removal of 11K Mich. Families From Welfare


by Rob Smith It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Governor Rick Snyder in the Michigan courts. First a Wayne County judge declared closed-door meetings of the finance team which had been evaluating whether Detroit should be forced to accept an Emergency Manager a violation of the state’s Open Meetings Act. Then, a judge in Flint […]

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WHISPER: AnnArbor.com Loses Trio of Staffers…Again. Layoffs to Follow?


A2Politico Notes: This is filed under “Scoops & Scores!!” because you read it here first. by P.D. Lesko England’s Queen Elizabeth had her “annus horribilis” in 1992. AnnArbor.com had its own annus horribilis in 2011. First, in late-February 2011 the news blog lost a trio of its most experienced staffers to the Detroit Free Press. […]

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The Culture Vulture: Why We Pull For the Movie Villains


by Nick Leshi I finally saw the movie Chronicle. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was still very entertaining. It is another found-footage film, and although it would have probably worked fine (maybe even better) without the gimmick, it managed to use multiple point-of-view cameras to good effect. The story itself was an interesting cinematic take on the superhero genre, more […]

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Tony D Is Suddenly For Ann Arbor—Crass Political Opportunism Makes A Return


by P.D. Lesko In November 2011 Second Ward Council member Stephen Rapundalo sent a damaging email to AnnArbor.com in which he painted himself as a disingenuous opportunist, writing that he wanted to “look engaged” prior to the election. AnnArbor.com went on to endorse Rapundalo in the City Council race, but the scathing comments by AnnArbor.com readers left […]

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The Parent Trap: Are Active Kids Smarter Kids?


by Betsy McMillin Any time you read about youth in America, you are bound to happen upon the obesity epidemic currently sweeping the nation. The overall health of our kids is at risk due to horrible diets, lack of exercise/active life styles, days filled with video games and computers as well as way too much […]

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On European Trade Trip, Gov. Snyder Promotes Failing Mich. Tech Firm That Has Lost $412.3M Dollars Since ’09


A2P Notes: In Fall 2010, A123 Systems opened what the company touted as the “world’s largest lithium ion automotive battery manufacturing plant in North America” in Livonia, Michigan. According to a September 13, 2010 piece in the New York Times, the company was able to open the plant thanks to the fact that the move […]

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Photos Reveal Michigan “Trade Delegation” to Europe “Exploring Growth Opportunities”—At Italian Art Museums


by Rob Smith In the March 13th issue of the New York Times there is an article about the severe economic problems that face Italy. That country, like Michigan, has been in one of the deepest recessions on record. Unemployment in Italy last measured at 9.2 percent in March 2012—just about the same as Michigan’s […]

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The Culture Vulture: Looking for Movie Trailers? The Top 20 Sites That Serve ‘Em Up Hot ‘N Ready


by Nick Leshi I love the coming attractions for movies. Sometimes, the sneak peaks are the best part of the movie-going experience, since some motion pictures don’t live up to the hype! Often, though, you can’t judge a film by its trailer.  A while ago, I briefly wrote about the art of movie trailers, but now is the time […]

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Take This Job and Shiv It! Michigan Republicans Push to Monetize the Operations of Prison System & Prisoner Labor


A2P Notes: This is the debut of Amy Kerr Hardin on A2Politico. However, it is not her first foray into politics or writing. She is an experienced political consultant, and in her neck of the woods (near Traverse City, Michigan) she has worked on multiple candidate campaigns. Get her answering machine and you will hear […]

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