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Ann Arbor County Commish Says: “City Needs Tennis Coach Not CPA”


by P.D. Lesko It’s a story that could have been penned by Edgar Allan Poe. Over a cask of amontillado, not-too-soon-enough-retired Ann Arbor County Commissioner Leah Gunn, Drain Commissioner Janis Bobrin and former Second Ward City Council member,  Joan Lowenstein, a current member of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) board, and the gingham skirts behind […]

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Fourth Ward Dem Incumbent Margie Teall Launches Campaign Website Fit For a Republican

Teall 1/1 AW

by P.D. Lesko Margie Teall is not one of the Ann Arbor City Council members who used to be a Republican, changed parties, then ran as Democrats. She’s one of the Democrats on Ann Arbor City Council who votes like a Republican, squeezes pay concessions out of (then screws) local trade unions with the zeal […]

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May Is National Bike Month: City Spends $8M and Increases Number of Bike Commuters by 50 Cyclists. Total.


In 2000, there were 8 miles of bike lanes in Ann Arbor. Today, there are 37 miles of in-road lanes. John Hieftje’s administration has added just a little over 3 miles of lanes per year, on average, over the almost 12 years he has been in office. Hieftje frequently crows that Ann Arbor now has […]

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“Green” Mayor’s Parkland-for-Train Station Scheme Underwritten In Part By Slush Fund


by P.D. Lesko Let’s start with a quiz: 1.  Has Ann Arbor City Council voted to approve the construction of a train station in Fuller Park? 2.  As the city Charter requires, have the citizens of Ann Arbor voted to give over the 10-acre river side parcel of park land valued at between $4-$10 million […]

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Mother (Jones) Rolls Eyes While Michigan Enviros Laud Rep. Dingell’s “Green” Record

Dingell Election Party

by P.D. Lesko It’s no surprise Republican Rob Steele couldn’t unseat Representative John Dingell in 2010. However, Steele’s run, which campaign emails intimated would be financed with the doctor’s own “fortune,” rattled Team Dingell. Former President Bill Clinton came to Michigan and stumped for the Dean of the House prior to the November election. It’s […]

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Coming Soon to Public Broadcasting: Political Reporting Funded By The Koch Bros.?


by Amy Kerr Hardin When you next tune into your favorite National Public Radio broadcast, say… maybe it’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, you might expect to hear a story like the one aired in 2010 about the billionaire Koch brothers and their ongoing egregious attempts to wholesale purchase our political system. NPR ran this segment […]

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Ward 5 Council Candidate Chuck Warpehoski: A Moderate Religious Voice Prone To Immoderate Lapses


by P.D. Lesko Fifth Ward Council member Carsten Hohnke has had enough. In his email to constituents, Hohnke told readers he was stepping down after two terms to “spend more time with his family.” A classic political dodge. Norman Fowler, a member of Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, was supposedly the first politician to give the “spend […]

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Insider Baseball: Will the MI GOP Come Tumbling Down? State Races To Watch


by Joseph DiSano It’s the time of year when every wannabe pundit and political Nostradamus unveils their prognostications on this year elections. Guess what? No one knows for sure, and those that claim to are lying. A common prediction you will hear from every player in the Pundit Olympics is which party will claim control […]

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