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Sierra Club Endorses Challenger Jack Eaton in Ward 4 City Council Race


by P.D. Lesko The Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group, and Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter announced on June 30, 2012 that the groups had bestowed one of the most sought after political endorsements in the United States onto Fourth Ward Council candidate Jack Eaton, a Democrat challenging long-time incumbent Ward 4 City Council member Margie Teall. The […]

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Websites Speak Volumes About Ward 2 Council Candidates


by P.D. Lesko Sex sells. It’s a tried and true marketing tool that has been used since, well, forever. Gallup & Robinson, an advertising and marketing research firm, has conducted multiple studies and determined that the use of sex in advertising results in significantly above-average success in communicating with consumers. Ward 2 Council candidate Sally Hart Petersen has been […]

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Lanx Satura: Local Reporters “Bicker” Over Downtown “Kerfluffle”


by P.D. Lesko The Ann Arbor Police were called to the Ann Arbor Workantile on Tuesday afternoon. The AAPD officer arrived promptly on Thursday to find AnnArbor.com government reporter Ryan Stanton and AnnArborChronicle.com editor David Askins and his wife, Mary Morgan, toe-to-toe in a heated argument over what one officer described as “long yellow object […]

June 28th, 2012 | Posted in Featured,Lanx Satura [sat-ahyuhr] | Read More »

Rolling Stone Mag Calls Out Michigan GOP For “Dark Side” Politics & War on Voting


by P.D. Lesko Who doesn’t want to get a mention in Rolling Stone magazine? You, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga and Nicki effing Minaj rubbing elbows in print. What could be cooler than that? Michigan made the pages of Rolling Stone in a June 27, 2012 piece that reports on the state’s recently passed “voter fraud” […]

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Still Stealing You Blind: Ann Arbor SPARK Spends $7.7M & Creates 79 Jobs


by Rob Smith The 1 percent here in Ann Arbor are just different than us. They look at out-of-work folks and hungry children, homeless men and women tossed out of Camp Take Notice, struggling small businesses and cash-strapped school districts, and then light their clove cigarettes with other people’s $100 dollar bills. They feel good […]

June 26th, 2012 | Posted in Ann Arbor SPARK,Econ,Economic Development,Featured,Taxes | Read More »

Ward 1 Council Candidate Making False Claims About His College Record


by P.D. Lesko A2P Notes: This is filed under Scoops & Scores because you read it here first! Fibbing about one’s academic credentials can have dire consequences. Scott Thompson, the former CEO of Yahoo was brought down in May 2012 by making false claims that he had earned a degree in Computer Science from a […]

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Evidence Surfaces That Ward 1 Council Candidate Committed Election Fraud in 2010

Sturgis, Eric

by P.D. Lesko A2P Notes: This is filed under “Scoops & Scores” because you read it here first! First Ward Council candidate Eric Sturgis often tells voters his political resume includes involvement in politics since the age of 18. It’s an impressive story. However, a closer look reveals disturbing patterns, and a young man who, […]

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Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice Members Object To Use of Religious Org. to Push Pols’ $500M Transit Plan


by P.D. Lesko Ward 5 City Council candidate Chuck Warpehoski lists his job as the Executive Director of the tiny Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice on his City Council campaign web site as “community service.” It’s obvious that he’s trying to bulk up his political cred. Trying to pass off his paid, full-time job […]

June 20th, 2012 | Posted in Ann Arbor Politics,City Council,Elections,Featured,Politics | Read More »

Lanx Satura: City Council Candidate Found in New Underground Garage, Unconscious, Clutching Roll of Nickels


by P.D. Lesko The word around town is that Second Ward City Council candidate Democrat Sally Hart Petersen is giving Second Ward incumbent Tony Derezinski a bit of political heartburn. Petersen’s base is growing, she’s got money, yard signs are popping up at a clip, and her marketing experience isn’t going to waste (“A Fresh […]

June 18th, 2012 | Posted in Columns,Featured,Lanx Satura [sat-ahyuhr] | Read More »

Dems in This Liberal Bastion Label Strong Women Candidates Incredibly Vag-ifficult

Michigan, Ann Arbor, Huron Street, painted sign, window, welcome,

by P.D. Lesko In Ann Arbor it’s often tough to decide who’s more addled, the politicos or the voters. In August of 2010 Ann Arbor County Commish Barbara Levin Bergman actually spoke in favor of hiring of sexual predators into county jobs. Ann Arbor County Commish Conan Smith, allegedly a Democrat, came out strongly in […]

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