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“Jobs and Kids. Kids and Jobs”: Gov. Snyder Tells WaPo How Mitt Romney Can Flip Michigan


by Rob Smith In an August 28, 2012 video interview, Michigan’s Republican governor told WaPo interviewer Nia-Malika Henderson that he and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney “have a lot of similarities.” Snyder urged Romney to “get a positive message out there.” Several times during the interview, Snyder talked about “job creation” and “a future for our […]

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New Orleans Residents Out to Kill NOLA.com—Boycott Launched Of Site Modeled on AnnArbor.com


by P.D. Lesko Over the past 24 months, AnnArbor.com has seen the departure of most of its experienced reporters to more prestigious and higher paying surroundings—such as the Detroit Free Press. There are media analysts, however, that expect the Freep to be closed by 2015, as Detroit is no longer able to support two daily […]

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“Dark Side” Beckons & Local Pol Answers The Call

darth vader

Ward 1 City Council member Sabra Briere recently voted to kill a resolution intended to protect parkland from de facto sale through leasing—a strategy being used by John Hieftje and his Council pals to try to “repurpose” a several acre parcel of fragile river-front parkland on Fuller Road. First, Hieftje wanted to lease the land […]

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Was Council Aware of the Successful Class Action Lawsuit Against Seattle’s Percent For Art Program Before Approving Ann Arbor’s Art Ordinance?


By P.D. Lesko In 2007, Ann Arbor City Council passed the Public Art Ordinance that sets aside one percent of funds from all public construction budgets for art projects — to a maximum of $250,000 per project. On the City of Ann Arbor web site, it says that John Hieftje “championed the Percentage for Art Program to […]

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Groupon Belly Flops Into Michigan’s Social/Tech Start-Up Pool


by P.D. Lesko Groupon was founded and is headed by graduates from the University of Michigan. In January 2012, former AnnArbor.con business reporter Nathan Bomey wrote a glowing piece about Groupon, its founders and their connection to the local “job innovator” scene. The Groupon “success story” should be seen as more of a cautionary tale […]

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Forget Voter Registration Drives. Get Michigan’s Registered Voters Interested in Elections.


by Rob Smith Michigan Rising (formerly the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder) tried twice to collect enough signatures to put the question of whether to recall Governor Rick Snyder on the ballot. Twice the group failed. Such signature drives are monster efforts, as we saw in Wisconsin, and rarely successful—again, as we saw in Wisconsin […]

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A2Politico Celebrates Citizen Activism With A New Annual Award


by P.D. Lesko When I taught college, one writing assignment I most enjoyed was having my students compose letters to their elected officials. One woman chose to write a letter to the President. A couple of weeks later, she found her husband at their kitchen table, staring at an envelope. Why, he wanted to know, […]

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Members of Feisty Ward 2 Crowd Pressure Tony D. To “Answer The Question!”


by P.D. Lesko The meeting room at the Traverwood Library is modern, with plenty of light and clean lines. The room was full, with about 70 people in attendance to hear the candidates answer questions for 90 minutes. It was there that Ward 2 incumbent Tony Derezinski and Sally Hart Petersen answered many of the […]

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