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AADL Executive Director’s Fuzzy Math and Alleged Violations of Patrons’ Privacy Raises Red Flags


by P.D. Lesko Librarians are all about the numbers—exact numbers: Dewey decimals, due dates, number of copies, and call numbers. The Executive Director of the Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) is all about numbers, too. However, her numbers are far from precise; in fact, one could argue that Ann Arbor District Library Executive Director Josie […]

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Special Interests Trying to Get What They Want Through Amending Mich Constitution


by Rob Smith Michigan Radio writer Lester Graham points out in a great piece titled, “Muddying the Michigan Constitution?”: “In the 224 years since it was ratified, the U.S. Constitution has been amended 27 times. The latest Michigan Constitution is less than 50 years old and it’s already been amended 31 times.  And the people […]

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Almost ALL Washtenaw County Townships/Cities Opt OUT of $500M Dollar Regional Transit Plan


by P.D. Lesko Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje doesn’t have a good track record of getting other politicos to jump on board his transit schemes. The WALLY commuter train was supposed to run between Washtenaw and Livingston counties and be funded by local, state and federal money. Livingston County politicos gave Hieftje the brush off, refusing […]

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MI 52nd District Race Boils Down to Bamboozling Naive Dems & Independents. Again.


by P.D. Lesko 52nd District Representative Mark Ouimet and Governor Rick Snyder both let mainstream media assumptions that they were moderate Republicans go uncorrected. The last laugh, in retrospect, has been on all of the Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County independents and Democrats who endorsed, gave money to and voted for the two men. Ouimet […]

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Michigan Rising: A Political Souffle That Has Fallen


by Rob Smith Michigan Rising was born The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder. It was exciting and dynamic—citizens who came together to try to rid Michigan of Republican Governor Rick Snyder. Volunteers across the state took on the incredible job of collecting 800,000+ signatures from registered voters. With Governor Snyder’s approval ratings in the low-30 […]

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Interview: 22nd Circuit Court Challenger Michael Woodyard Pledges To Dispense Justice “Fairly.”

Michael Woodyard

by P.D. Lesko Michael Woodyard is either Gandalf or Saruman, it just depends on whom you ask. He is challenging Judge Timothy Connors for his seat on the 22nd Circuit Court, a seat Connors has either warmed, or filled admirably, depending on whom you ask. In Washtenaw County, local lawyers simply don’t run against judicial […]

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Former Ann Arbor Public Services Administrator Starts Detroit Fire Then Throws Gasoline On It


Sue McCormick’s (below) bouffant hair-do, a 60s throw-back, supposedly hides horns. At least this is what a fired forestry worker claimed when talking about his work for the City of Ann Arbor, and McCormick—who was his boss. McCormick, who worked for the City of Ann Arbor until former City Administrator Roger Fraser decamped with his […]

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Ann Arbor Mayor and Council Member Live in Highest Crime Neighborhoods


by P.D. Lesko It pays, literally, to live in at least one of the high rent neighborhoods in Ann Arbor. Specifically, outgoing Ward 2 Council member Tony Derezinski’s neighborhood. Between January and September 2012, within a 1 mile radium of Derezinski’s home, there were just 27 crimes reported, the majority of them forced entry burglaries. […]

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Urban Exile: A Dispatch From the 47 Percent


by Livia Gershon This summer, I was chatting with my parents, and I happened to mention that my husband and I pay pretty much no federal income taxes. My dad was shocked. What about withholdings from your paychecks, he asked. I said we get it all back in our refund. I was kind of embarrassed […]

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