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11:43 am | by P.D. Lesko In 2009, Kontent King Tony Dearing announced the “future of journalism in Ann Arbor”: “Ding. Dong. The Witch is dead,” wrote an A2Politico reader in response to a December…

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“It’s Embarrassing….” Says Staffer »


12:42 pm | In a February 2013 piece about, the Columbia Journalism Review called the site’s work content-for-clicks journalism. Perhaps the assessment was harsh because MLive leadership had refused the CJR reporter access to the…

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Readership of Plummets 75% According to Execs—Site Loses Another Key Staffer to the Freep »


02:35 pm | by P.D. Lesko If the down-sizing and attrition continue apace at, Laurel Champion, former publisher of the Ann Arbor News, will be left to head the organization as Executive Vice President in Charge…

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MLive Prez (Accidentally) Confims That Unique Visitor Count Has Plummeted By 643,000 Since July 2011 »


04:52 pm | by P.D. Lesko The history of the telescope is fascinating. This piece is not about that. However, it is about The Ann magazine’s futile and ultimately disappointing attempt to give readers insight into…

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American Journalism Review Asks, “How Has Worked?” Answer: It Has Had A “Terrible Effect On The City” »

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10:48 am | Charles R. Eisendrath directs the Knight-Wallace Fellows program in journalism at the University of Michigan. He’s a former Washington and foreign correspondent for Time magazine. Suffice it to say that Eisendrath has not shied…

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New Orleans Residents Out to Kill—Boycott Launched Of Site Modeled on »


01:44 pm | by P.D. Lesko Over the past 24 months, has seen the departure of most of its experienced reporters to more prestigious and higher paying surroundings—such as the Detroit Free Press. There are…

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Praise For A2Politico!

"A2Politico...has a string of scoops and hundreds of originally reported stories to its credit...."—Columbia Journalism Review.

A2Politico reporting has been picked up by BBC, NPR,, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Detroit News, Rachel Maddow, The Michigan Messenger and the Detroit Free Press.

"There’s plenty of opinion on A2Politico, but there’s also investigation, interviews and other content aimed at finding information more traditional outlets can’t, or won’t."—Bridge Magazine, April 2011.

Fearless Journalism Has a Price

"These days, the only people who still believe in the information-should-be free business model are the media moguls who made a fortune by not paying their freelance workers or by stealing the hard labor of other newsrooms."—David Talbot, founder,

Council Members Refuse To Back Away From Public Protest of Mayoral Nominee »


12:38 am | While members of the audience held up signs of protest against Albert McWilliams’s proposed appointment to the Ann Arbor…

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Council Members Rebuke Mayor Over Proposed Appointee’s Perceived Conflicts of Interest »


01:15 pm | On August 20th, John Hieftje announced his intention to appoint Albert McWilliams to replace Newcombe Clark on the Board…

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Emails Reveal DDA Threatens to Cut Money That Funds Job of Council Member’s Wife »


11:50 am | by P.D. Lesko There are five solid votes on City Council to bring to heel the members of the…

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Fighting Entrenched Cronyism One Vote At A Time »


03:40 pm | by P.D. Lesko At the moment, Ann Arbor City Council members are trying to assert their Charter-mandated authority over…

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High Overhead & Debt Load Push DDA Parking Revenues 98 Percent Below National Average »


11:59 am | by P.D. Lesko “Hieftje gives out seats on city boards and commissions at parties, like they were candy,” says…

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  • Teall 1/1 AW

    Still Pulling Strings: “Baby” Leigh Chairs Ypsi DDA and “Writes the Script” For AA Pols Via Email

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  • Detter

    Downtown Area Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) Calls Resolution to Rein in DDA Board “Irrational.” Records Reveal All CAC Board Appointments Expired in 2012.

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  • Scam

    Police, Fire, Parks, Millage Funds & Pools Soaked By City’s IT Fund For Millions of Dollars In Assessments

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  • Caught Red Handed

    19 Top-Level City Staffers Lose Car Allowances, Including Police Chief and CFO

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  • lying-fingers-crossed

    Ward 1 Council Candidate Making False Claims About His College Record

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  • airpollution-300x198

    Dirty Air + Contaminated Water = Glowing Enviro Endorsements in One Michigan County

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  • patsy

    Local Media Used As A Collective Patsy to Mislead Public About Police Dispatcher Outsourcing Facts

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  • img_roger

    Savaged: Snyder Treasury Appointee Who Implements EM Takeovers Abused City Credit Card, Ignored Auditor Warnings & Plunged Town Into Deep Debt

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  • iphone

    City Managers Push Service Cuts While Spending Over $1.1 Million On Cell Phones & Texting

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  • water

    Savaged: Michigan EFM Outsources Water Treatment to Company Indicted By DOJ For Felony Violations of the Clean Water Act

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Playing Politics With Ann Arbor’s Drinking Water and the Massive 1,4 Dioxane Clean-Up »

09:17 pm | by P.D. Lesko Groundwater beneath the city of Ann Arbor is currently contaminated by the suspected carcinogen 1,4 dioxane. On August 3rd, in a piece about the Ward 1 City Council race, A2Politico pointed out that Ward 1 City Council member Sabra Briere had never put forth any resolution in response to what local environmentalists have…

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Deliverance: 411 on the 313—Congress Proclaims Americans Have a “Constitutional Right To Fast Food” »

06:00 am | by Warren Liverance For the majority of my life I have watched, helpless, as the Wizards of Smart and the compassion fascists have experimented with American society and government. Welfare, Social Security, ADC, Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, Homeland Security, HUD, HEW, HUBBA HUBBA, and a host of other federal intrusions with no basis in the…

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Urban Exile: Food Gatherers’ CEO Eileen Spring Fights Hunger & Local Trend of Professional Entitlement »

01:54 am | June 8th marked the 24th time Food Gatherers has put on its annual fundraiser Grillin’. It marked the first time A2Politico pitched in to help Food Gatherers. A2Politico provides free advertising to locally-owned businesses and non-profits, with the exception of non-profits associated with city or county government. Between April 25th and June 8th, the banner…

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Ann Arbor Mayor Pro Tem Says Her Poor Attendance Is A Non-Issue. National Experts Respond: “Bollocks!” »

02:21 pm | by P.D. Lesko Ward 4 Council member and Mayor Pro Tem Marcia Higgins has been repeatedly and roundly criticized by (generally) anonymous individuals on as being “the invisible woman.” When Higgins let her campaign domain name lapse four years ago, and didn’t renew it when she pulled her nominating petitions to run for office…

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Groupon Belly Flops Into Michigan’s Social/Tech Start-Up Pool »

03:45 pm | by P.D. Lesko Groupon was founded and is headed by graduates from the University of Michigan. In January 2012, former AnnArbor.con business reporter Nathan Bomey wrote a glowing piece about Groupon, its founders and their connection to the local “job innovator” scene. The Groupon “success story” should be seen as more of a cautionary tale…

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Why Are Black People in Ypsilanti Disproportionately Arrested on Bench Warrants? »

10:17 am | Part 1: Data Trends Originally posted to RAW. Used here with permission. Black men and women in Ypsilanti accounted for 63% (1,179 of 1,869)[1] of all Washtenaw County arrests in 2014…

Jan 25 2016 / Comments Off on Why Are Black People in Ypsilanti Disproportionately Arrested on Bench Warrants? / Read More »

Restaurant Reviews

A2P Foodist: Restaurant Review—Great Plains Burger Co. »


01:31 am | Restaurant Review: 3.5/5 stars (good, reliable)—Ratings range from zero to five stars and reflect the reviewer’s reaction to food, with ambiance, service…

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A2P Foodist: Restaurant Review—Sava’s »


02:48 pm | Restaurant Review:  *** (good, reliable)—Ratings range from zero to five stars and reflect the reviewer’s reaction to food, with ambiance, service and…

Dec 18 2012 / 17 Comments / Read More »
The A2P Foodist: Restaurant Review—Broadway Cafe » A2P Foodist: Restaurant Review — Teriyaki Time, Asian In Need of Tiger Mothering » A2P Foodist: Yelping About Ann Arbor’s Worst Restaurants » A2P Foodist: Restaurant Week in Detroit—Two Picks For Great Food @ Great Prices »

A2P Foodist Restaurant Review—The Original Cottage Inn »

06:46 am | Restaurant Review: 2.5/5 stars (fair, satisfactory)—Ratings range from zero to five stars and reflect the reviewer’s reaction to food, with ambiance, service and price taken into consideration, as well.  …

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