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The A2P Foodist: The Moral Crusade Against Foodies
February/March has been unofficially dubbed "Lash Out At Locavores" month at two of the most influential thinking person's haunts. First, at, chef Eddie Huang, owner of BaoHaus restaurant in ...
My idea to write on the local media, as it were, is nothing new or particularly clever. National Public Radio has a weekly spot called "On the Media," and I ...
A2P Notes: Looking for the back story? I wrote about single stream recycling first on January 28, 2010. To read that entry titled "The Politics of Unscrambling Eggs: Hieftje, Hohnke and ...
Ann Arbor Dems Who Supported Governor Rick Snyder Get Some Recognition
A2P Notes: This piece originally ran in April 2011. In the interim, much has changed, politically, in our state. The Michigan GOP and Governor Rick Snyder have waged a relentless ...
In 2007, the city had money and the City Council majority wanted their new Police-Court facility, Daddy. And they wanted it now. The 103,000 square foot building was slated to cost ...
The A2P Foodist: The Moral Crusade Against Foodies
The Politics of Grillin’: A2Politico on the Local
The Politics of Garbage: Single-Stream Recycling Stinks For
Ann Arbor Dems Who Supported Governor Rick Snyder
WHISPER: FOIAed Emails Show Mayor Hieftje Threatened Into

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