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A2Politico welcomes comments from all visitors. The comment policy is simple, really. First off, all comments are moderated and may be edited. You’ll press send, excited, expectant and then, nothing. No post. Never fear. In order to keep down spam, posts are viewed before being approved. Generally, it will only be a short wait before your comment(s) are added to the discussion thread(s). You may post as often as you like on any of the posts that you like. You may post under your real name, or use a screen name. However, in order to post you’ll have to enter a name and an email address. Again, these two steps are necessary to beat the spam bots.

Regardless of your opinion, please keep the discussion civil. Feel free to let your political discourse rip. Ripping into those whose opinions about the political discourse differ from yours will get your comment nowhere fast.

If you have a question about commenting, or about a comment posted to the site, please feel free to email me at A2P at A2Politico dot com.

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